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You’re Nuts: What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial and moment?

Your (almost) daily dose of good-natured, Ohio State banter.

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

No matter who is playing, the Super Bowl is always the most watched event of the year. Even if you hate the teams that are playing, the Super Bowl is great excuse to stuff your face with some gluttonous food and make some ridiculous bets on the game.

The only complaint about the Super Bowl is that is played on a Sunday night and not a Saturday night. Just imagine how great it would be to watch the game and not have to worry about waking up and going to work the next morning.

Some years, the actual football played in the Super Bowl takes a backseat to everything that surrounds it. Most of the time after the game, the talk is about the commercials, the halftime show, or things that happened outside of actual game play. This wasn’t one of those years since the game came down to the wire, but two years ago the game was a stinker so we were looking for anything else to talk about besides Tom Brady and Tampa Bay beating up on Kansas City.

With the Super Bowl having taken place less than 48 hours ago, a lot of the game and everything that happened in the broadcast window are still fresh in our minds. Since a lot happened over four hours on Sunday night, we are going to double-up on today’s question. An easy topic is the best commercial during the game, and we will follow it up with what was the best moment of the Super Bowl.

Today’s questions: What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial and favorite moment?

We’d love to hear your choices. Either respond to us on Twitter at @Landgrant33 or leave your choice in the comments.

Brett’s picks: PopCorners commercial & Nick Sirianni crying during the National Anthem

I’m a Breaking Bad junkie (no, not the type of junkie they are marketing their product to), so I was hooked as soon as I saw Jesse Pinkman and Walter White in an RV at the start of the commercial. Things only got better from there when we saw Tuco, and Walter White told him to “say their name”. Can we get more commercials where the duo peddle PopCorners? What if the next one we get Saul Goodman as a guest star? There’s so many spinoffs we could come up with to continue the series.

At least it wasn’t the Dunkin’/Ben Affleck or U2 ads. I can’t stand anything Boston, especially Dunkin’ and their terrible coffee. The U2 ad was especially terrible, since now I’m wondering if they are responsible for all these balloons we have been hearing about lately. Is U2 gonna start dropping music from those balloons? I already hated when I had to jump through hoops to delete their music off my iPhone, so I definitely don’t want to be subjected to any more U2 music.

Full disclosure, Nick Sirianni is from my hometown. Jamestown, New York isn’t much to speak of so whenever somebody makes it big from there, we are proud of them. A lot of what Jamestown is famous for isn’t anything that you want to be famous for. Remember the ugly Lucille Ball statue? Yeah, that was embarrassing.

Hearing how Sirianni would listen to the anthem and pretend that it was before the Super Bowl, and then actually getting to the Super Bowl and crying during the anthem hit me. It was even surprising to me that the moment got all up in my feels, since I’m not a big anthem guy. Maybe I’ve been to so many sporting events that the National Anthem being played before the game is almost like white noise to me these days, but the Super Bowl always seems to do the anthem right.

Unfortunately, Sirianni’s Eagles couldn’t pull out the victory, which adds to the long list of championship failures that have been seen by teams and people from Western New York. Maybe down the road, Sirianni can coach the Buffalo Bills and take them to the Super Bowl and Buffalo finally gets their first title, which would be even sweeter if they were led by someone from the area.

I feel like I’ve gone off the rails here, so I’ll hand things off to Meredith for her choices.

Meredith’s picks: The Farmer’s Dog and “Doink”

I’m literally still crying about the commercial and writing this piece through sobs, so let’s start with the best Super Bowl moment, which was clearly Harrison Butker’s doink on the Kansas City Chiefs’ first-half field goal attempt. The kick was going wide left but dramatically (and loudly) impacted the left upright in a sonorous expanse. The game remained tied and the miss obviously did not come back to haunt the Chiefs (despite being down a double-digit deficit at the half).

And now for the commercial: The Farmer’s Dog commercial caused more than a few tears to be shed at the Super Bowl party I attended. For those who missed it, the ad follows the story of a girl and her dog, starting when the girl is young and the dog a puppy, through to when the girl is grown and with a (human) child of her own.

Most in attendance at the Super Bowl party (myself included) have dogs of our own. The ad captured all those moments we hold dear — the excited pitter patter of paws running to get breakfast in the morning, playing fetch on the beach, even those times when we’re sad and our pups are there to comfort us. The moment when the girl moved out struck a cord as I remembered the pang of saying goodbye to my childhood dog before I left for college.

It takes us through the journey we’ve all experienced from meeting our dogs to growing together, with that greying muzzle showing how much time has passed, and the unsaid dread we feel that this journey together might have to end someday.

The little girl at the beginning of the spot whispers, “I’ll always take care of you.” And as the ad concludes, we hear the girl sing, “I’m gonna love you forever.” And we will. And we’ll probably do anything for those dogs — including pony up for fresh, healthy dog food.

Brb, gotta go hug my dogs.