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Bucketheads Podcast: Checking in on some preseason predictions and looking ahead to next season

Because this season is toast.

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‘Bucketheads’ is LGHL’s men’s basketball podcast, hosted by Connor Lemons and Justin Golba. Every episode they give you the latest scoop on the Ohio State Buckeyes and everything else happening in the college hoops world.

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The main topic on last week's “Bucketheads” podcast was the idea that if the Buckeyes beat Northwestern and Michigan State then they could put themselves back on track to make the NCAA Tournament.

Since then, they lost to both of those teams and are now 11-14 and 3-11 in the Big Ten conference with their only hope of making the tournament is winning the Big Ten tournament or winning out in the regular season.

So Connor and Justin talked about the 2023 season and why they are still giving the coaching staff a vote of confidence heading into next season. Also, they looked back on their preseason Final Four predictions and checked in on how those teams are doing.

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