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LGHL Uncut Podcast: Greg Gard, Chris Holtmann, Ohio State players discuss Wisconsin’s win over Buckeyes

Ohio State’s head coach was a little bit calmer after the game than he was during.

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Throughout the season, Land-Grant Holy Land will be bringing you uncut audio primarily from Ohio State press conferences, but also from individual interview sessions.

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Following Ohio State’s 65-60 loss to Wisconsin, the media spoke to Greg Gard, Chris Holtmann, Zed Key, and Isaac Likekele about Ohio State’s eighth loss in their last nine games. Gard, the winner of the game, was able to discuss Wisconsin shaking off a bad stretch and winning a game on the road.

Gard praised his players for “not letting the outside noise get to them” and refusing to let a slump (Wisconsin had lost six of seven heading into Thursday’s game) continue. He praised Brice Sensabaugh’s ability to create shots at any time, but said it was much easier to guard him on Thursday since he was in foul trouble the entire time.

Key and Likekele did not have answers for why Ohio State did not come out with enough “bite” or “energy” in the 22nd game of the season. Key stoutly rejected any notion that the team dislikes or resents Sensabaugh for his sudden success.

Holtmann was as short as he’s ever been in a press conference. He was critical of officials, saying, “We weren’t allowed to talk to them.”

He also said he’s not sure why a second technical was called on him, adding that, “The first was warranted, but I did not feel that the second was.”

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