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LGHL Asks: Give us your thoughts on Ohio State’s spring practice

You ask, we answer. Sometimes we ask, others answer. And then other times, we ask, we answer.

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Two of Ohio State’s 15 spring practice sessions are now officially in the books, and we are just starting to get a sliver of an idea as to what this year’s team will look like. We’ve heard from Ryan Day and Jim Knowles, we’ve also heard from some of the quarterbacks, wide receivers, and linebackers.

So, it’s time to check in with Buckeye Nation to see what your hopes; dreams; aspirations; deepest, darkest desires are for this five-week run of practices for the football team.

Question 1: Other than quarterback, which position group do you want to see the most improvement from this spring?

There is no doubt that there are things that the Buckeyes need to address this spring and offseason before they get back to action in September. From replacing three starters on the offensive line to figuring out what the hell happened to the cornerbacks last year, there’s a lot that needs to be accomplished. I have my thoughts — in fact, it will be part of an article coming out this weekend — but I don’t want to influence your pick, so I’ll share my thoughts once the results of this poll are released next week.

Question 2: Who do you think will be the biggest breakout player of spring ball?

Since I’ve already published this article, there’s no getting around the fact that I could possibly influence your pick here. I think that we could see a lot of buzz coming from Caden Curry. I wrote the article linked below before Knowles revealed that Jack Sawyer would be exclusively playing defensive end, making the Jack position available.

The defensive coordinator also said on Tuesday that the team only used the hybrid end/linebacker position about 15% of the plays in 2022 and plan to employ it more this coming campaign. While there will certainly be other guys that contend for the position, I think Curry, in his second year in the program, has the potential to break out as the Jack. What do you think?

Question 3: Who will be Ohio State’s starting quarterback at the end of the spring?

When I suggested a handful of New Year’s resolutions for the Ohio State football program, one of the things that I mentioned was that the coaches should do everything in their power to settle on a quarterback by the end of spring.

I know that 15 practices aren’t always enough time to solidify a signal-caller and that conventional wisdom is that you want to keep all of your QBs engaged in the competition so that no one transfers before the season, but we’ve seen how detrimental a mishandled QB battle can be on a season, and for a first-time starter (not counting Kyle McCord’s one start in 2021), having an entire summer and fall knowing he’s the guy can be very valuable.

Day has said that he would like to have a quarterback decision by the end of spring, but he isn’t going to force it — which I think is the right way to handle things — but the question is, will he? Early reports indicate that McCord has been taking nearly all of the first-team reps and that he has looked sharper than Devin Brown, but will it be enough to officially make him Ohio State’s starter? You tell me.

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