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Join the Land-Grant March Madness Women’s Basketball Tournament Challenge

You know, the one that lets you choose the Buckeyes!

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Welcome to March. It’s the month where Ohio starts to bloom, Whoppers Easter eggs are finally on the shelves and people try to get into baseball again. It’s also the best time of the year for fans of the only sport that started out with a peach basket.

Welcome to March Madness!

Ohio State knows who they’re playing, facing the James Madison Dukes on Saturday at the Schottenstein Center. They aren’t the only folks who can compete. We want YOU to join in the action for both the men and women’s tournaments.

This season, your friends at Land-Grant Holy Land are holding two different Tournament Challenge competitions. Both feature fields of 68 teams playing in dramatic fashion over a few weeks of absolute magic.

In this edition, the Big Ten has the chance to flex their muscle. Entering the 2023 tournament, there are three conference in the AP Top 25, two of the top three all hail from Big Ten country.

Wyatt Crosher, friend of Land-Grant and guest on multiple site podcasts puts it best.

So, maybe you’re saying to yourself “self, I haven’t watched any NCAA women’s basketball this year because I follow a traditional sports upbringing and girls scare me.” That’s ok! Anyone can join. The wannabe bracketologists, the diehard Buckeye fans and the folks whose NCAA women’s basketball knowledge doesn’t stretch beyond knowing that Caitlin Clark exists.

Mach Madness is great because anything can happen. Look at last season, the No. 2 Iowa Hawkeyes lost to the No. 10 Creighton Blue Jays in the second round on their home court, or the No. 12 seed Belmont Bears beating the No. 5 Oregon Ducks in Oregon. Madness, I tell you.

For absolutely no cost to you, you can join the challenge with the chance to win a prize. Yep, a prize. If you’re the lucky soul who ends the challenge on the top of the leaderboards, you’ll get a special Land-Grant podcast episode just for you! We won’t publish it for the world to hear. In that episode will be a cut of every joke made by head coach Kevin McGuff across press conferences from the 22-23 season. They’re good too!

Also, as a bonus, if the Land-Grant Holy Land Women’s Tournament Challenge gets more participants than the men’s version of the challenge, the top three people can also ask a question to an Ohio State women’s basketball guest on an upcoming podcast (with host and guest approval of said question, be nice).

Here’s how you join:

Bracket Steps

  1. Join the Land-Grant Holy Land Women’s Tournament Challenge
  2. Make your selections before the March 17, 2023 cutoff date
  3. Select one of your entries to join the group, no multiple entries please
  4. If we find out you used multiple accounts to have multiple entries, first: Why? Second, you won’t win the grand prize
  5. Read up on the rules over at ESPN, because this challenge will adhere to all of them

Share, Share, Share

Make sure to tell all your family, friends and enemies to sign up for the Land-Grant Holy Land Women’s Tournament Challenge. It costs nothing to you. Challenge someone who doesn’t watch women’s basketball. Take that same friend out to a sports bar and demand they put all the games from the ESPN family of networks on their televisions.

Good luck to all who enter!