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eBay auctions turn up interesting Ohio State stuff

A bored browse through the eBay listings turned up some finds that piqued my interest this weekend.

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There’s so little downtime in life these days that many of us simply don’t know how to unplug and stay that way. Minutes and hours spent in waiting rooms, standing in lines, or even taking bathroom breaks go by more quickly and easily when scrolling social media feeds, browsing online sales, or checking various accounts online to make sure everything is as it should be.

Such activities — for me, anyway — include the periodic walk through auction listings with general search terms to see what kinds of things might show up. It’s a bit like an online garage sale. I was scrolling through eBay this weekend and found some interesting things. For some, I wouldn’t mind having a few extra disposable dollars, while others I would never buy but I found it fascinating to see them being sold.

I’ll let you decide which is which from the items below.

1961 Gold Pants

For the low, low price of $1,850, you can click the “buy it now” button and pick up a pair of Gold Pants won by the 1961 Buckeyes that beat Michigan 50-20 on Nov. 25. Woody Hayes’ team started that season with a 7-7 tie against TCU and then ran the table to a final record of 8-0-1, finishing No. 2 in the country after obliterating That Team Up North in The Game.

It would be cool to have a Gold Pants pendant — not as cool as winning one by beating the Wolverines, but still awfully sweet.

Lot of 11 Ohio State Hats

If you’re adventurous, you could be the first person (as of this writing) to bid on a lot of 11 different OSU hats with a starting bid of $10. That’s a pretty good deal, but there are some unknowns. The listing says that some of them are new and some used. It doesn’t specify which are which, although some assumptions can be made from the photo.

It also says that three of the hats are fitted. It doesn’t give the size or say whether the fitted hats are all the same size, but presumably an inquiry to the seller could unearth such information. A few of these hats are incredibly ugly designs, but there are some cool ones, such as the 2002 football national championship hat, the 2007 Final Four cap, and one from the Sugar Bowl. The tags are still on a few of them.

If you’re a hat person, this might be up your alley. I personally don’t feel great about the thought of putting on someone else’s hat.

Reversible Field Hockey Pinnie

Look, you just don’t see a lot of field hockey stuff out there. My eye is always on the lookout for merchandise pertaining to the non-revenue sports. This reversible Nike Ohio State field hockey jersey pinnie is a pretty cool item, but I could never wear it because it’s a size small. Looks like fantastic beach or pool attire for someone out there, though.

Magnet of Whatever this Helmet Is

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this design before, but I wouldn’t hate it as an alternate uniform option. In full disclosure, I am a traditionalist when it comes to uniforms. Ohio State has great ones, so there’s no need to stray. However, if they’re going to use alternates anyway, why not really go for it?

This helmet in matte scarlet with the gray block O and the buckeye leaf looks fantastic to me, and Marvin Harrison Jr. would look great catching a winning touchdown pass against Michigan wearing it. This item is just a magnet, and it’s cheap, but I dig the idea of this helmet concept.

Beer Mugs!

If you’ve got a spare 50 bucks laying around, you can get a set of four beer mugs commemorating 100 years of Buckeye football. If the listing is to be believed, these mugs were sold 53 years ago in 1970. It might be a little generous to call them beer mugs, however. When you see the photo of one of the mugs in someone’s hand, they appear to be pretty small — either that or the person in the photo has giant hands (see feature photo above).

Maybe people just didn’t like big beers in 1970.

There were all kinds of other curiosities, such as a myriad of knock-off conference, national, and bowl championship rings for about $20 each, bobbleheads, Christmas ornaments, etc.

What are some of your most interesting eBay or Facebook Marketplace finds?