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Silver Bullets Podcast: Spring practice, coaches’ salaries, and NFL-bound Buckeyes

It’s all about the numbers: jersey, salary, and draft position.

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Chip Minnich and I are back with our monthly offseason check-in, and Ohio State football is also back — sort of. Spring football practices are underway as the team looks to develop in its offseason approach to the annual Ohio State Spring Game glorified practice. We discuss some of the new numbers that a few of the Buckeyes will be wearing this fall.

Another topic of interest in this episode is the fallout from the NFL Combine, where C.J. Stroud may have helped himself relative to the competition to be the first quarterback selected. Other quarterbacks who elected to throw at the Combine... maybe didn’t help themselves by doing so.

Salary information from the OSU coaching staff was made public, and so we’ve got some thoughts on what some of those pay raises were, who might have been worthy of them, and perhaps others who might be lucky to still be on the staff. It’s painfully clear I need to hire Brian Hartline’s agent.

We wrapped up with some talk about the upcoming NFL Draft and where several prominent former Buckeyes figure to go, which ones might go late, and which ones might not go at all. There could be multiple first-round picks and a multi-year starter might not be selected at all, which could be better than getting chosen in the final round or two anyway.

We’ll be back next month, or possibly sooner if news warrants, as we remain in our offseason broadcast schedule. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with your feedback and questions below in the comments section or send us an email. Be sure to subscribe, rate, review, and share, and follow the show over on Twitter at @SilvrBulletsPod.

Enjoy the run-up to the Spring Game, everyone. And if you go, you might run into 60% of Chip’s family in the stands.