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Land-Grant Uncut: B1G Women’s Tournament finale: McGuff, McMahon and Mikesell on the defeat

The loss, a strong second half, addressing the McMahon and Caitlin Clark situation and more

Ohio State v Iowa Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Throughout the year, Land-Grant Holy Land will be bringing you uncut audio primarily from Ohio State press conferences, but also from individual interview sessions.

After an entertaining two first games of the Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament for the Ohio State women’s basketball team, it came to an end Sunday in the finale. Unfortunately for the Buckeyes, they weren’t bringing the tournament trophy on the plane ride home.

The Scarlet & Gray suffered a second tough first half in a row, and unable to come back from a severely lopsided first two quarters. After the 105-72 defeat, head coach Kevin McGuff, guard Taylor Mikesell and forward Cotie McMahon spoke with the media.

After a brief message by McGuff, Mikesell and McMahon talk about how they can use this game as motivation. Mikesell addresses her final Big Ten game in her five-year career, with more basketball to play, and McMahon discusses a moment in the game between herself and Iowa’s Caitlin Clark that ended with an intentional foul call against McMahon.

To end the press conference, head coach Kevin McGuff talks about both his end of the game and halftime speech to the team, Mikesell’s final Big Ten game, the impact of fouls on the Buckeyes’ gameplan, the growth of the conference and more.

All that and more on the latest Land-Grant Uncut.

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