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Ohio State recruiting: Looking at in-state 2025 quarterback Tavien St. Clair

Maybe an over-looked prospect, but Ohio’s own St. Clair is the real deal

Tavien St. Clair

The quarterback position at Ohio State has always been in a good spot, but Ryan Day’s arrival in Columbus started a trend of success even higher than what the Buckeyes had seen before. Churning out multiple NFL Draft picks — another in the near future thanks to CJ Stroud — Day is crushing it when it comes to both recruiting and development.

On the current roster, both Kyle McCord and Devin Brown are battling it out to be the next in line for all of the accolades this position seems to come with when you play well. But looking ahead to the future of quarterback recruiting, Day may not have to look very far for the next great talent to handle the reigns.

Stealing most of the attention for future quarterback recruiting, 2025 target Ryan Montgomery (Findlay, Ohio/Findlay) is first on the list, and of course his brother Luke Montgomery has a lot to do with that exposure. In his own right though, Ryan has put up some incredible numbers only two seasons into his prep career.

Holding an offer from Ohio State, clearly the Buckeyes and Day have seen all that they need to if he’s to be the guy they really go after in that class. Surely Ryan is deserving of the offer beyond his family ties, and his skillset should only improve with two more seasons still to play. Still though, he’s not the only in-state Ohio signal caller worth looking at in this 2025 class.

Bellefontaine, Ohio is home to Tavien St. Clair, a 6-foot-4, 195 pound quarterback who may not see as much recognition in regard to Ohio State recruiting, but believe this, the staff is very much aware of St. Clair and all that he brings to the table.

Holding nearly double-digit offers right now, Tavien has the likes of Florida, Tennessee, Louisville, Pitt, and a few others in the fold for the meantime, but certainly other notable programs are soon to follow. The Buckeyes may not be on the list just yet, but with a staff taking notice and two full seasons to progress, we’re going to focus on the potential St. Clair has to be a legitimate quarterback at the next level — Buckeye or not.

Film Study

Unranked right now on his 247Sports profile, the likelihood of him being one of the better quarterbacks in the 2025 class is pretty strong considering the aforementioned offer list that includes two SEC schools. That said, in reviewing both of his first two seasons on film, St. Clair, while not a finished product, gives plenty to be excited about.

The latest film from his sophomore campaign can be viewed below, but just a few notes on his intangibles that catch your attention have to be what college coaches are also seeing.

One of the facets of his game that is seen right away is his ability to extend the play. So many times a play will breakdown, and the smart thing to do in some cases is to throw the ball away and live to fight another down. But Tavien is experienced with being able to create something downfield that looked like nothing was there. That includes his legs too.

St. Clair doesn’t look to be shy when it comes to tucking the ball and taking off, and that definitely something Ohio State fans have wanted to see more of as of late.

Additionally, the arm strength is there. Whether it’s rolling out away from his dominant side where he has to set his feet and flip his hips or in a simple drop back fashion, Tavien can hit all of the spots. Coaches talk about being able to sit on one hash and drill an out route across the field in what’s referred to as an “NFL throw” and that doesn’t seem to be an issue here.

Again, this is far from a finished product, but the skillset and athleticism check every box. Montgomery may be the favorite to be Ohio State’s top target in 2025 and that very well could be the case already, but Tavien is no slouch.

It’s never a bad thing to have multiple power five talents in your own state in a recruiting class, and the Buckeyes seem to have that in 2025. It’s going to work itself out in the end, but these two players are going to be fun to watch over the next couple of years before hopefully at least one of them ends up in Columbus.