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I-70 Football Podcast: What we would do if we were in Charge of the Big Ten

After a long break, the guys are back to discuss the NFL Draft, NBA Playoffs, and what they would do if they were in charge of the Big Ten

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 10 Big Ten Tournament - Indiana v Michigan Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

From now until preseason camp starts in August, Land-Grant Holy Land will be writing articles around a different theme every week. This week is about what we would do if we were in charge of our favorite position group, team, conference, or sport. You can catch up on all of the Theme Week content here and all of our “If I Was in Charge” articles here.

Welcome to a new episode of Land-Grant Holy Land’s I-70 Podcast. On this show, we talk about all things Big Ten football and basketball. After every week of action, we will catch you up on all the conference’s games and look ahead at the matchups, storylines, and players you should be paying attention to next week. My name is Jordan Williams, and I am joined by my co-host Dante Morgan.

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The 2023 NFL Draft has come and gone, and the Big Ten had a great showing. Led by CJ Stroud at No. 2 to the Houston Texans, they tied the SEC with nine draft picks in the first round. They had 55 total draft picks, which was good for second behind the SEC. Stroud, Devon Witherspoon, and Paris Johnson Jr. all went in the top-10 picks, with Peter Skoronski and Lukas Van Ness rounding out the top half of the draft at 11 and 13.

Jordan and Dante discuss which picks they liked and which picks surprised them before discussing Dane Bruglers 2024 Mock Draft which saw 13 Big Ten players taken in the first round. After discussing the Draft, the guys accept their roles as Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner of the Big Ten Conference.

Jordan has come up with a plan for the first 90 days, including officially announcing the scheduling format, and creating an NIL Fund and a conference combine. They also plan to advocate for quarter-final games on campuses. Lastly, they introduce relegation into college football kicking two teams out of the conference in favor of two programs that have made the playoffs before and provide a much better product to sell to fans and the TV networks.

Finally, the guys make NBA Playoff Picks. Jordan has Lakers and Heat in six, while Dante has Nuggets and Heat in six.

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