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Ohio State recruiting: Addressing the dumbest rumor of the offseason.

There’s no way on earth Marvin Harrison Jr. was ever leaving Ohio State this season.

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Can I rant for a while here? I have to be honest, I never do this when it comes to writing Ohio State related pieces, but I feel in this instance a rant and a little bit of venting is necessary.

Every now and again there’s a topic surrounding the Buckeyes that really shouldn’t exist at all, but with the weight Ohio State’s program carries it seems as if they’re a popular destination for gossip even with there’s no truth behind the rumors. Like a teenage dating saga or something out of Hollywood, the Buckeyes tend to find themselves in the midst of pop culture, and sometimes that’s just flat out unfortunate.

In my experience, writing about Ohio State football has been solely dedicated to the recruiting side of things, and while I’ll try to keep from rambling here, I promise there’s some recruiting substance in this piece.

Get that nonsense out of here

This venting session is solely about the rumors that had circulated the last few months in regard to Marvin Harrison Jr., and to what some people thought was his potential transfer to USC.

I can remember reading Twitter and seeing screenshots of lunatics claiming they were, “in the know” or heard that Marv was thinking about leaving Ohio State for USC. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, it somehow grew legs and started to become a real topic of discussion. Well, the transfer portal window has come to a close, and guess who is still a member of Ohio State’s football roster? Of course, it’s Marvin Harrison Jr.

For a few reasons, this ludicrous attempt at gossip is just flat wrong, and as an Ohio State fan and someone who tries to cover recruiting, it’s just annoying that topics like these have any time wasted on them at all.

First and foremost, the Buckeyes boast the best receivers coach in America. Brian Hartline’s success at Ohio State is more than anyone could have ever hoped for when he took over the position group, and there’s no signs of that stopping. Seeing three first round draft picks under his development in two years would be enough reasoning to argue his success, but Marv is certainly going to be the fourth in three years if anyone is betting. Why Harrison would leave his position coach would be beyond anyone’s wildest guess.

Secondly, the Buckeyes are likely going to start his former high school quarterback this coming season. Kyle McCord and Harrison Jr. were able to lead their high school team to multiple state titles during their careers at St. Joe’s Prep in Philly, and it wouldn’t take too much research at all to know the duo have a long history of success when it comes to their work on the field together.

The quarterback battle in Columbus will continue into fall camp, but the gut feeling is McCord is the starter come game one, and the familiarity between the two would surely work out once again. You add that to the list of reasons why Marv wouldn’t leave Ohio State, and it makes those rumors look even more dumb.

Lastly, look at the success he’s already had in an Ohio State uniform? Forget the fact that he’s going to be the first receiver taken in the 2024 NFL Draft. Look at his freshman campaign, with his breakout in the Rose Bowl game. The sophomore season for Marv was one of the most prolific seasons for a receiver in Ohio State history, and anyone with eyes knows he was the true Biletnikoff Award winner this past season. I could go off on a whole different tangent about that debacle of stupidity, but I’ll try to keep it under wraps and hope the voters get it right for once this year.

The rumors of his potential transfer to USC made me want to scream, but that’s just how it goes in 2023 on the internet. Anything and everything can come to life behind the keyboard, but the essence of this all is to try and talk Ohio State fans off the ledge a bit here and not to give in to keyboard warriors grasping at straws.

Marv ain’t going anywhere, and those who thought he’d actually end up in Los Angeles this season are bummed out — and I couldn’t be happier. USC still rubs many Buckeye fans the wrong way, but don’t worry all. They still have to deal with Alex Grinch. That’s punishment enough!

Putting a bow on it

When you recruit as well as Ohio State does at the receiver position, the talent tends to be developed at a pretty steady pace. Looking at what the Buckeyes have coming in with Carnell Tate, Brandon Inniss and others on the list, it’s probably only a matter of time before the next bogus rumor pops up, but if it does happen again, it’s likely due to the success the Buckeye players are having and other fanbases only wishing their receiver position groups could be as good as Ohio State’s.

Fortunately, there’s elite talent all over the position group for the foreseeable future. That’s enough ranting for now. I hope it’s clear. That rumor was plain dumb and I am overjoyed to see it put to bed once and for all.

Go Bucks!