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Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: ‘Burning Questions’ that have our mind(s) in a fiery pretzel

This week, Josh and Chuck have Burning Questions regarding the longevity of a living legend, as well as some of the players under his expert tutelage. The hosts also want to know when ‘the next generation’ will take over on defense.

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The latest episode of Land-Grant Holy Land’s flagship podcast is here! Join LGHL’s Josh Dooley and Chuck Holmes as they cover Ohio State football, basketball, recruiting, and much, much more! Come for the hot takes, stay for the warm ones.

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On this episode of Hangout in the Holy Land, Josh and Chuck spark a fiery debate with their Burning Questions. As if their usual takes were not already spicy enough, this week the hosts wonder aloud whether a beloved coaching legend should be on the hot seat in Columbus. Also, in a post-pod blunder, they quickly run out of clever ‘hot’ words for the description you are currently reading.

Dad jokes and wordplay aside, the guys have serious questions pertaining to Ohio State’s defense, such as: Has Larry Johnson lost his fastball? Did he get it right with J.T. Tuimoloau and/or Jack Sawyer? How responsible for recent defensive struggles is the group LJ put together?

Moving beyond the line of scrimmage, when will Buckeye fans get to see C.J. Hicks and/or Sonny Styles fully unleashed? Count the Hangout boys among those most excited for the future of these 2022 mega-recruits.

Before signing off, Chuck hits Josh with a few questions sent in by you, the listener(s).

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