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Buck Off Podcast: Ohio State’s July recruiting, Northwestern scandal, and ‘contenders or pretenders’

Ohio State is getting set to finish off an impactful month of recruiting and a scandal that rocked the Big Ten

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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” I’m joined by Jordan Williams to discuss the unfortunate scandal that embroiled the college football world this past week.

To get the show started, we discuss the turn of the calendar to July and what that means for the future show content moving forward. NFL players are reporting next week, so now it is getting down to the business side of the offseason before Ohio State plays football again.

After that, we turn our attention to a tough conversation about the institutional failures surrounding Northwestern’s football team and athletic department. We get into how Northwestern’s leadership failed and the culture of hazing was built over a long period of time. This was not a recent story and highlights the greater issues of power dynamics as well as institutional failures in college sports.

On the other side of the break, we switch our focus to a lighter set of conversations with Ohio State football recruiting. We talk about the recent run of recruiting “losses” the Buckeyes have had, and why some of these recent losses could actually mean a lot of wins are coming. We also turn our attention to two of the hardest recruitments to read in some time.

The last part of our show focuses on a game born out of annoyance, “Contenders or Pretenders.” A straightforward game where we discuss the teams being most talked about as potential national title contenders. If a team can win the national championship they are a contender. If not, they are pretenders.

We close out the show with the saddest media days of all time and if Jordan would skydive like Eboni Walker did.

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