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Since 1899: Ohio State forward Eboni Walker on skydiving, her unique tattoo and more

The Elite Eight starter for the Buckeyes talks about how jumping out of a plane helped during a stressful time in her life

Eboni Walker

Since 1899 is an Ohio State Women’s Basketball podcast, covering the team that dates back all the way to the turn of the 19th century. Check back throughout the season for more interviews and coverage of the historic Big Ten women’s basketball program.

Next on Since 1899; An OSU WBB podcast, Ohio State women’s basketball forward Eboni Walker joins to talk about a unique experience she had this offseason: Jumping out of an airplane.

In the interview, Walker talks about how of all people told about the jump, the person least surprised was her own mother. Also, the mixed reactions from Buckeyes coaches, teammates, and the surprise response from head coach Kevin McGuff.

The Buckeye who played two seasons with Arizona State, one with Syracuse, and went through injuries, team scandal, and three coaches on two teams, had a potentially stressful final semester of undergraduate studies. Fortunately, a mindset that Walker’s had since she was a kid is stronger now than ever.

Walker goes into detail about how it came to skydiving and going through step by step what the forward experienced jumping out of a plane from 13,000 feet in the air.

Also, the Las Vegas, Nevada high school star shares the excitement of Ohio State’s first game of the season. That’s when the scarlet and gray travel to Las Vegas to play future Big Ten opponent USC at T-Mobile Arena. Walker talks about how it's not just her that’s having a homecoming but members of USC, how LeBron James factors in, and how Walker envisions herself getting a technical against the Trojans.

All that and more in an amazing interview with one of the Buckeyes who was important in the run to the 2022-23 Elite Eight.

Read the companion piece to this interview, featuring comments from McGuff and guards Taylor Thierry and Jacy Sheldon now on Land-Grant Holy Land: Ohio State women’s basketball forward Eboni Walker finds peace 13,000 feet off the ground

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