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Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: Bold Ohio State predictions, guaranteed to be 100% accurate

This week, Josh welcomes in Matt Tamanini to discuss the potential future of Northwestern football, before pivoting to bold predictions for the upcoming season.

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The latest episode of Land-Grant Holy Land’s flagship podcast is here! Join LGHL’s Josh Dooley and Matt Tamanini as they discuss Ohio State football, recruiting, and much, much more! Come for the hot takes, stay for the warm ones.

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On this episode of Hangout in the Holy Land, Josh welcomes in Matt Tamanini, LGHL’s co-managing editor. The guys kick things off by discussing the continuing fallout of the Pat Fitzgerald situation, but with a focus on the future of Northwestern football. Is the program now in a better place?

With the heavy stuff out of the way, Josh and Matt try to convince each other that linebacker recruiting is not an issue in Columbus. The latter also tells folks that while he could care less about alternate jerseys, Ohio State did make a solid and fashionable choice with their 2023 version.

And finally, it would not be a summer episode without at least some theme-week-related conversation. LGHL’s theme this week is Bold Predictions, which allowed Josh to let the hot takes fly. He gives five of his boldest predictions, while Matt attempts to rein him in and tell them why they will likely not come to fruition.

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