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Buck Off Podcast: Defensive line recruiting, Ryan Day is not getting fired any time soon, and more

Ohio State is going for the best class in the country and it starts on the defensive line.

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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” I’m joined by Jordan Williams to discuss all the news surrounding Ohio State’s recent hot streak in recruiting on the defensive side of the ball.

To get the show started, we discuss the realistic possibilities of the defensive line recruiting class after the huge recruiting win with Justin Scott and missing out on Marquise Lightfoot. This conversation turns to predictions on the defensive line, and then we turn the conversation to how this coaching staff is rolling as a cohesive unit in year two. We also talk about Miles Lockhart and K.J. Bolden.

After that, we turn our attention to a conversation and statement one host is growing exhausted of hearing. “If Michigan beats Ohio State again, Ryan Day should be fired,” they shout. Our impassioned host gives his list of reasons on why that will never happen, and for the impatient Ohio State fans, it won’t happen for a while.

We turn our attention to our Buckeye heroes and why the list is so long. This takes down a trip on memory lane thinking about when we were both becoming Ohio State fans in our youth, and how each generation has their heroes. We also try to define who the best embodiment of being a Buckeye is.

After that, we close out the show with the Mountain West’s high school relationship with San Diego State.

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