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The Dotted Line Podcast: Now that Aaron Scott’s committed, who’s Ohio State’s next BOOM?

Could Scott’s dramatic commitment lead to an explosion of defense talent?

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On “The Dotted Line,” Land-Grant’s Matt Tamanini talks to recruiting experts, LGHL’s recruiting analysts, and prospects themselves to get a unique perspective on the players that will be a part of Ohio State’s future.

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On today’s episode, Matt Tamanini chats with Land-Grant’s recruiting analyst Caleb Houser to break down the importance of cornerback Aaron Scott’s commitment on the 2024 Ohio State recruiting class. They also discuss his colorful commitment ceremony, potential momentum building on the defensive side of the ball for the Buckeyes, and who else could be joining the class before the end of summer.

They close the episode off by getting hyped for Chris Henry Jr. to become a Buckeye, even though he won’t officially put on an Ohio State jersey for three years.

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