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Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: Ohio State QB battle rages on as we preview Big Ten title contenders

Josh and Chuck are counting down the days until kickoff while wondering aloud when the Buckeyes will announce a starting QB.

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The latest episode of Land-Grant Holy Land’s flagship podcast is here! Join LGHL’s Josh Dooley and Chuck Holmes as they discuss Ohio State football, recruiting, and much, much more! Come for the hot takes, stay for the warm ones.

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On this episode of Hangout in the Holy Land, Josh and Chuck discuss Larry Johnson and defensive line recruiting, before pivoting to the Buckeyes’ ongoing and potentially never-ending quarterback battle. Will OSU fans see a repeat of 2015? Or is this just Ryan Day slow-playing his hand?

Then, the hosts give props to a trio of team captains, as well as several newly anointed — and ‘official’ — members of the Buckeye Brotherhood. This is of particular interest to Chuck, as in just a few more episodes, he will also have a stripe removed, making him an official member of the LGHL Brother and Sisterhood... As long as he is not found to have put money on Indiana or Youngstown State to cover.

And finally, a look at Big Ten contenders. These (football) teams are predicted and projected to finish near the top of the B1G standings in 2023, but which ones have a legitimate shot to leave Indy with conference bragging rights?

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