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Bucketheads: How will two Ohio five-star prospects impact the Buckeyes’ 2024 recruiting?

The state of Ohio will soon have a pot of in-state talent we haven’t seen in over a decade.

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“Bucketheads” is LGHL’s men’s basketball podcast, hosted by Connor Lemons and Justin Golba. Every episode they give you the latest scoop on the Ohio State Buckeyes and everything else happening in the college hoops world.

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During Episode 81, Connor and Justin discuss Carmen’s Crew’s run to the Sweet 16 of The Basketball Tournament this month, as well as what roster tweaks need to happen for the Ohio State alumni team to go further next year.

Then, the guys discuss Ohio State’s roster for the 2023 season and beyond. With nine freshmen and sophomores on the team this season, there will be a squeeze on both the 2024 and 2025 recruiting classes, barring unforeseen roster turnover. How will Chris Holtmann and his staff manage the few openings that they have, knowing the 2025 class is one of the best Ohio has had in years?

They spend some time discussing Jerry Easter — the No. 24 player in the 2025 class and a Toledo kid — and Darryn Peterson — the No. 3 player in the 2025 class and a Cleveland kid. Which of the two will Ohio State prioritize? Which of the two will be easier to land, and what have the two said about Ohio State recently?

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