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You’re Nuts: Which Ohio State player would you take first in a college fantasy football draft?

Your (almost) daily dose of good-natured, Ohio State banter.

Ohio State v Maryland Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Now that the calendar has turned to August, it’s time to get back into football mode. For many, that means drafting fantasy football teams for this season. While the majority of fantasy football leagues concentrate on the NFL, there are some out there that dive into the college ranks. The college leagues aren’t quite as common just because there are a lot more questions that come with setting up a college league.

Unlike the NFL, with a college fantasy football league you have to decide which conferences are included. Even if you only include the Power 5 conferences, a college football fantasy league could consist of 50-60 teams, which is almost double the size of what you would see in an NFL fantasy league. Also, a college fantasy league could be a little more frustrating at times since college teams don’t have to be as open with injury and availability reports.

One thing you can be sure about when it comes to college fantasy football leagues, is you’re going to see Ohio State players taken early and often. Even with a new starter, you’re likely to see Kyle McCord go early because of the potential he has to put up big numbers. At running back both TreVeyon Henderson and Miyan Williams could explode for big games at any time. And we can’t forget about Marvin Harrison Jr., Emeka Egbuka, Cade Stover, and the rest of the Buckeye receivers.

What we want to know today is who is the first Ohio State player you’d pick in a college fantasy football league. At all your common fantasy football positions, Ohio State can claim some of the best players in the country. For some the answer might be easy, but for others they might have a different strategy depending on who they had their eyes on at different positions from other schools. No matter what your strategy might be, at least we can all unite on rooting for the Bucks.

Today’s question: Which Ohio State player would you pick first in a college fantasy football league draft?

We’d love to hear your choices. Either respond to us on Twitter at @Landgrant33 or leave your choice in the comments.

Brett’s answer: Marvin Harrison Jr.

I know I’m not reinventing the wheel with this pick. Last year I was invited to compete in a college fantasy football league for the first time, and after drafting C.J. Stroud with my first pick, a few picks later I took Marvin Harrison Jr. Even though I ended up finishing third in the league, Harrison was a huge reason why I was able to at least get my entry fee back.

Even though Harrison loses Stroud as his quarterback, he hit the jackpot with Stroud’s replacement, as Kyle McCord was his quarterback in high school. Harrison is the favorite to win the Biletnikoff Award as the nation’s best receiver, and he is a dark horse candidate for the Heisman Trophy. It also helps that Harrison has Emeka Egbuka lining up with him at receiver, along with a talented crop of young wideouts, which will force opponents to make a tough decision on how they cover Harrison and the rest of the Buckeye receivers.

I was tempted to take McCord or Henderson with this pick, but I decided the best pick was the proven commodity. McCord certainly has talent, but I need to see him display those abilities consistently in games. Henderson has shown he can put together a monster season, I’m just a little leery because he had such a hard time staying healthy last year. Plus, we don’t know how much the split of carries between him and Miyan Williams will be.

It’s very likely this is the last year we’ll see Harrison at Ohio State, so there’s reason to think he’s going to make it a special one. Plus, you just know Harrison has a sour taste in his mouth after the way the season ended last year, not only for himself, but for the Buckeyes in the loss to Georgia. This season is likely going to see Harrison in the end zone a lot, and it feels like all the single-season Ohio State receiving records are within reach of the outstanding wideout.

Matt’s answer: Kyle McCord

I certainly understand Brett’s rationale on this. Marvin Harrison Jr. is arguably the best non-quarterback in the country and the crown jewel in Ryan Day’s offensive crown. However, if we are talking about fantasy football strategy, I am going to have to keep it simple and pick a quarterback.

I know that Myle McCord has not yet been officially named OSU’s starter, and he might not even eventually earn the job, but I think most folks assume that is the most likely outcome of the fall quarterback battle. So, assuming that to be the case, I am more than comfortable taking the guy who will be throwing to Harrison, Emeka Egbuka, Cade Stover, Julian Fleming, Carnell Tate, Jayden Ballard, Brandon Inniss, et al., this season.

If we expanded this discussion to all of college football, McCord probably wouldn’t be the No. 1 QB on my board, but he would probably be in my top five. Look at the numbers that Buckeye quarterbacks have put up under Day; how can you argue against that? Sure, I understand that there might be some concern about banking on a first-time starter, especially one that has had as few true opportunities over his first two years in Columbus as McCord has, but no matter who Day, Brian Hartline, and Corey Dennis settle on, he’s going to wrack up yards and touchdowns; how could he not?

I would argue that the number of uber-talented play-making pass-catchers on this roster should be borderline illegal if it wasn’t for the fact that they are on the team that I root for. So while I am not 100% sure of what we are going to get out of McCord this season, I have very little hesitation in assuming that he will put up stats. Will they be Dwayne Haskins-level, record-setting stats? Probably not, but I am willing to bet that they will still be pretty darn good.