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Uncut Podcast: Ryan Day says Ohio State has confidence heading into Notre Dame game

Jim Knowles also teases the potential use of Mitchell Melton at the Jack.

Throughout the year, the Land-Grant Podcast Network will be bringing you uncut audio primarily from Ohio State press conferences, but also from individual interview sessions.

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On today’s episode of “Land-Grant Uncut,” we are bringing you unedited audio from Ohio State head football coach Ryan Day and defensive coordinator Jim Knowles from their respective Tuesday, Sept. 19 press conferences. The coaches spend a little time putting a bow on the 63-10 victory over the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, but spend much of their respective media availabilities discussing how they think the team is shaping up for this weekend’s matchup against Notre Dame.

Both coaches praise Irish quarterback Sam Hartman and know that he presents a much different challenge to the Buckeyes than they have seen so far this season. The Domers’ offensive line is also of special concern for Knowles who teases that he might have a few tricks up his sleeve regarding Mitchell Melton and the Jack position.

Watch the complete press conference on Ohio State Athletic’s official Facebook page:

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