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Get the Brutus bobblehead that reveals a secret version of The Horseshoe

Every Buckeye fan needs one of these limited-edition two-in-one figures!

Matt Tamanini Matt Tamanini is the co-managing editor of Land-Grant Holy Land having joined the site in 2016.

Bobbleheads are great. They are fun, colorful reminders of the teams, athletes, characters, artists, historical figures, etc. that you love. They can be quirky, semi-retro additions to your decor that bring a certain element of whimsy and child-like joy to any room they are in. But do you know what has been lacking from bobbleheads for far too long?

Magnets and secret compartments.

Fortunately, our friends at FOCO are here to right this unthinkable wrong with their new Mascot Magnetic Stadium Base Bobblehead series. While there are versions for other football programs, obviously the only one that we care about is the Ohio State one. In this limited-edition figure, our beloved Brutus Buckeye is standing atop a scarlet dome vaguely reminiscent of a football.

However, that dome can be removed to uncover a magnificent miniature replica of the cathedral of college football Ohio Stadium. So, this 7-inch-tall item serves as both a mascot bobblehead and a scaled-down stadium collectible.

Every single one of the 123 hand-painted units that have been manufactured is individually numbered and retails for $80. Order your two-in-one Brutus/Ohio Stadium bobblehead today before they are all gone and you have to go and find a dome of your own to hide underneath.

Get Your Brutus Bobblehead with Secret Horseshoe Base Now!

FOCO has been killing it with Ohio State bobbleheads over the past year. Just last week, they released 15 different sport-specific Brutus bobbleheads. Earlier this month, they introduced Snoopy and Charlie Brown Buckeye bobblehead, and in August, they introduced a Brutus training camp bobblehead and for Memorial Day, the company released an “I Want You” Uncle Sam-inspired Brutus bobblehead. Those followed the NFL Draft, when FOCO released figures to celebrate the selections of C.J. Stroud, Paris Johnson Jr., and Jaxon Smith-Njigba. Then, last fall, they released an absolute must-have Brutus “Then and Now” bobblehead featuring the current and original versions of everybody’s favorite poisonous nut!

And in October 2022, to celebrate Halloween, the company released a “Phantom of the Opera-themed bobblehead featuring our boy Brutus in a picture-perfect Spooky Season costume. The company also released a Thanksgiving Day Parade-inspired Brutus bobblehead and a Brutus in Christmas pajamas in front of the fireplace bobblehead. Also, last summer, FOCO released a very snazzy Brutus Buckeye Bighead.

In addition, FOCO just released a pair of bobbleheads to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ohio Stadium. One features Brutus, while the other shows Woody Hayes strutting above The Horseshoe.

As someone with a borderline unhealthy Ohio State bobblehead/collectible addiction, I can think of no better way to celebrate the final unofficial season before college football than with one (or all) of these magnificent merchandising masterpieces.

And, if actually care about teams other than Ohio State, FOCO has some other college team Peanut options that you might be interested in as well.

If for some reason you think you might need one of these for another school, I guess you can find the right one here.