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Silver Bullets Podcast: Indiana rewind and Youngstown State preview

A look back at an underwhelming game and a chance to get things on track lies ahead against FCS competition.

Ohio State v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

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The Buckeyes’ 2023 season is underway. Although it began in underwhelming fashion, it’s the first outing, on the road, with a new quarterback and a mostly new offensive line. It was never going to look crisp right out of the box. Far be it from us to tell you not to panic — you may do so if you wish; that’s your prerogative — but we simply have more things we’ll be keeping an eye on as the season moves forward.

We broke down Ohio State’s 20-point win at Bloomington, including the key plays, players, and mistakes, and checked back on our score predictions and picks to click to see how we did. It was the first game for everyone, so we haven’t quite zeroed in on this team yet.

Joel Whetzel from The Vindicator and Tribune Chronicle was our guest this week. He popped on with us to give us the scoop on Ohio State’s opponent this Saturday, the Penguins of Youngstown State University. What are the Penguins good and bad at? Who are the players to watch? What style can we expect? These questions were answered expertly by Joel and we appreciate his time.

Finally, we looked ahead to Saturday and came up with our score predictions and our picks to click for this Saturday’s matchup. Will the Penguins get as many stops on defense as the Hoosiers did? That’s not what we’re expecting. We have similar ideas to how this game will unfold to what our guest described.

We’ll be back next week to dissect Ohio State’s home opener against Youngstown State and look ahead to a matchup with Western Kentucky.

In fact, we’ll be here with you every week from now until the end of the 2023 Ohio State football season. We’d love to hear from you, so please reach out with your feedback and questions below in the comments section or send us an email.

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