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Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: Ohio State’s Cotton Bowl dud and a eulogy for the 2023 football season

The Hangout Boys react to an embarrassing OSU loss and plead for changes to be made within the Buckeyes’ program.

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The latest episode of Land-Grant Holy Land’s flagship podcast is here! Join LGHL’s Josh Dooley and Chuck Holmes as they discuss Ohio State football, recruiting, and much, much more! Come for the hot takes, stay for the warm ones.

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On this episode of “Hangout in the Holy Land,” Josh and Chuck do their best to react to a confusing, disappointing, and frankly embarrassing Cotton Bowl loss for Ryan Day and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

With Michigan, National Signing Day, and even the loss of their starting QB at least temporarily in the rearview, Day and his OSU football squad had an opportunity to turn the page and roll into 2024 with some momentum. Instead, the head coach looked overwhelmed and underprepared, leaving Buckeye Nation with more questions than answers.

Questions such as: What the hell happened in Arlington, TX? Where does the football program go from here? And should Day be the one leading it?

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