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A moment for the Ohio State dance team: National Champs!

This team does not get enough credit!

Over the weekend, in between watching playoff football (go C.J.) and the women’s basketball team avoid an upset against Michigan State, I tuned in a bit to the National Championship competition for cheer and dance. I’ve never watched it before in my life, but wow was I impressed!

Starting with some backstory, Ohio State’s dance program has been the best in the nation over the past few years. In five of the last six years, they’ve won at least one championship at nationals, and last year, they took home three!

I must preface this by saying that I don’t have a total understanding on how dance competitions work; Even my friend who was a dancer said that college competitions are very confusing. But, from what I gathered, the main categories are jazz, pom, hip-hop and gameday.

There are two different categories schools are put in: D1A and D1. D1A are FBS programs, while D1 is FCS, so Ohio State competes in the D1A category.

This year, the Buckeyes took home first place for their jazz performance. It was an absolutely stunning routine. A lot of different factors go into how the judges score the routine. This includes the choreography, how creative it is and the level of difficulty, how the dancers connect with the audience through emotion and facial expressions, the execution of the movements, synchronization and the overall impression it left on the audience.

The Buckeyes finished with a score of 98.9206, which topped second-place Minnesota at 98.4286. I have to show you Minnesota’s jazz routine too, because it was just beautiful. I know that most readers on this site follow it for football coverage, but you have to appreciate both of these program’s dances, because I know the vast majority of us could never do what they do!

And, who doesn’t like ‘Dream On’ by Aerosmith?

Both routines were just astonishing, but fortunately, the Buckeyes came out on top. However, for the pom category, the Golden Gophers took home the hardware while the Bucks came in second. Minnesota had a score of 98.4762, while the Buckeyes scored 97.7143. Here is their routine:

How about that mid-routine costume change?! I just cannot get over how synchronized they are, too. I guess that’s why they are the best of the best.

Also, I have to shoutout the spirit team. This is compromised of Ohio State’s cheer and dance teams, as well as Brutus. They took home the national title as well, so the Buckeyes were two-time champs this past weekend.

The amount of strength, concentration and unity these teams have are just unreal. Plus, how can you not root for a team that brings home at least one championship every year?