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Uncut Podcast: Ohio State’s Evan Mahaffey on his career game against former school Penn State

The Cincinnati kid scored a career-high 16 points as Ohio State snapped a three-game losing streak.

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Throughout the season, Land-Grant will be bringing you uncut audio primarily from Ohio State press conferences, but also from individual interview sessions.

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Following a 79-67 win over Penn State Saturday afternoon that got Ohio State back in the win column for the first time since January 3, the collective Ohio State and Penn State media spoke with Penn State coach Mike Rhoades, OSU coach Chris Holtmann, Evan Mahaffey, and Zed Key.

Rhoades said that Ohio State “big boy’d” his team. “They got to us, they went through us, they went around us.” Rhoades said that after a big win over No. 11 Wisconsin this week, he was hoping to bring that “good mojo” on the road. “Welcome to life on the road in the Big Ten,” he said.

Mahaffey was asked about his father, Jamie, who is battling heart failure and is waiting for a heart transplant. While Evan has been dealing with this all season long, he said the only difference is that everyone knows now. He also said it’s tough not having his dad in the stands despite his family living in Cincinnati.

Key was straightforward and stoic, not saying a ton other than the fact that getting a win is huge but the real challenge is stringing multiple wins together.

Holtmann said that this game “Couldn’t have started out much better” with his team kicking it off with a 16-0 run right out of the gate. He also said he needs to see his team play better defense in the second half of games and with a big lead, but that that’s “a maturity thing” that will continue to get better with time.

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