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Jami Jurich puts her Ohio State journalism degree to good use, working as professional copywriter by day, SB Nation contributor by night. She is passionate about Ohio State football, men's and women's basketball, and women's volleyball, as well as continuing conversations about equity in sports. Her favorite debate topic is conference expansion. When she's not writing, she's making sure the OSU-Michigan rivalry is alive and well all the way in Los Angeles via an ongoing prank war with her roommate, who is unfortunately a Wolverine.

Stick to Sports Podcast: How good (and bad) things could get based on who wins The Game

Jami and Matt are bringing very different vibes into The Game on Saturday.

If This Were A Movie: Ryan Day and Jim Harbaugh star in ‘Grumpy Old Men’

On insults, practical jokes, and kicking the rivalry up a notch this Thanksgiving.

If This Were A Movie: ‘Hey Now, Hey Now’ — Did Ohio State’s win over MSU give you Lizzie McGuire vibes?

Ohio State proved it’s the real deal on Saturday — much like Lizzie McGuire proved she doesn’t have to lip sync.

You’re Nuts: What would the funniest outcome of the Michigan sign-stealing scandal be?

Your (almost) daily dose of good-natured, Ohio State banter.

The haters owe C.J. Stroud an apology; not that he cares what they think

As the former Buckeye puts up historic numbers in his rookie season, it’s time for his doubters to admit they were wrong about him.

If This Were A Movie: Like Krampus, Rutgers did not come to give, but to take

Perhaps a visit from "Krampus" could help the Buckeyes remember the reason for the football season.

You’re Nuts: What team outside the initial CFP top four is most likely to get a berth?

Your (almost) daily dose of good-natured, Ohio State banter.

If This Were A Movie: Beating Wisconsin looked like ‘Child’s Play’

TreVeyon Henderson comes back, much like a famous doll in "Bride of Chucky."

Stick to Sports Podcast: What do Michigan, the Denver Airport, and Blucifer have in common?

We’re also hyped to be facing an old friend tomorrow.

Great teams do not always make for great football, which is why this season is so fun

In a season with no clear favorite, the fans are the ultimate winners.