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Big Ten Football Thoughts

B1G Thoughts: Michigan three-peats and Michigan State hires a coach 

Jonathan Smith, welcome to the Big Ten! Plus, Michigan outlasts Ohio State in a massive showdown.

B1G Thoughts: Updated power ranking after nine weeks, with Ohio State No. 1

Nine weeks have passed and the two biggest games of the season are almost here.

B1G Thoughts: What was that Illinois? I was rooting for you... 

Illinois is one of the worst teams in the conference and Iowa is at an all-time low as the West Division crashes. At least Maryland and Rutgers are good!

B1G Thoughts: Taking stock of the Big Ten at the one-third mark

We’re officially at the one-third mark of the season. and we’re wrapping up the out-of-conference slate. It’s the perfect time to take stock of the B1G before we enter the meat of the season.

B1G Thoughts: Kyle McCord is Ohio State’s QB1, Iowa still can’t hit 25

Iowa and Nebraska refuse to change, but at least Ohio State has found its starting quarterback!

Big Thoughts: New year, new coach, same Nebraska

Week 1 was worth the wait! Jordan gives 10 thoughts on the action, including Nebraska’s heartbreaking loss

B1G Thoughts: Michigan will lose two games, other potentially wild preseason predictions

College football is back! In the first Big Thoughts of the season, Jordan gives 10 predictions for the 2023 season.

B1G Thoughts: The B1G is getting B1GGER

Down goes the PAC-12 as the Big 12 and Big Ten put the final nail in the conference, adding six of the remaining 10 teams.

B1G Thoughts: Ranking the B1G Coaches 

In college football very little is more important than a dynamic head coach! With that in mind, Jordan ranks the Big Ten coaches entering the 2023 season.

B1G Thoughts: Breaking down Flex Protect Plus, the new B1G scheduling model 

After a years worth of debates, the Big Ten finally announced its new scheduling model called Flex Protect Plus. So what is it and why should you care?

B1G Thoughts: Five offseason questions for Michigan State

After a surprising 11-win season in 2021, Michigan State came back to earth in 2022. This spring, they must prove that 2022 was an outlier, and that they are closer to the 11-win team from 2021.

B1G Thoughts: Five offseason questions for Illinois

Illinois shocked a lot of people in 2022. This spring is pivotal if they hope to build on that and compete for the West Division.

B1G Thoughts: Five offseason questions for Wisconsin

Wisconsin enters 2023 with a new head coach, offensive and defensive coordinators who are expected to raise the program ceilings. This offseason brings a lot of questions to they must answer.

B1G Thoughts: Five offseason questions for Iowa

The Hawkeyes enter 2023 surrounded with drama with their offensive coordinator, but that is not the only issue they have to fix this offseason.

B1G Thoughts: Five offseason questions for Penn State

Penn State had a bounce-back season, finishing 11-2 in 2022. That momentum is carrying them into the offseason with the belief that 2023 is their year.

B1G Thoughts: Five offseason questions for Ohio State

Ohio State enters 2023 with a lot of questions to answer if they want to take back the Big Ten crown and win a national championship.

B1G Thoughts: Five offseason questions for Michigan 

Michigan enters 2023 as the Big Ten favorites after back-to-back conference championships. What must happen for a three-peat?

B1G Thoughts: Reviewing the Big Ten at the season’s end 

The season has ended with the Michigan Wolverines as champions for the second year in a row. Let’s take a look back and review the 2022 campaign.

B1G Thoughts: The Big Ten runs through Ann Arbor 

After Michigan’s explosive afternoon in Columbus, the crown has been passed to the team up north.

B1G Thoughts: ‘The Game’ is for all of the Big Ten marbles, just like it should be

This year’s edition of the game is the biggest it has been since 2006, as the bitter rivals are set to play with everything on the line.

B1G Thoughts: Ohio State is proof of what sets college football apart

On Saturday Ohio State destroyed Indiana as expected, yet an unmemorable game will be enshrined in Buckeye lore forever

B1G Thoughts: Stroud can run and Michigan State bounces back

In a week where the midwest was pounded by crazy winds and rain, we were treated to a weekend of surprising performances and even more surprising results.

B1G Thoughts: Reviewing the Big Ten at the two-thirds mark

With Halloween out of the way, we’re two-thirds of the way through the season and it’s time to see what’s changed in the last four weeks.

B1G Thoughts: Jim Knowles, the mad scientist

With Halloween around the corner, Jim Knowles went into his evil lair and resurrected the Silver Bullets.

B1G Thoughts: Ten years of regret?

Michigan State and Penn State are suffering some buyers remorse over signing 10-year contracts, plus Michigan and Illinois continue to dominate

B1G Thoughts: Illinois is good, get used to it!

After defeating Minnesota 26-14, Illinois is in control of the West Division and undeniably a good team.

B1G Thoughts: Reviewing the Big Ten a third of the way through the 2022 season

Four games into a 12-game schedule, this is the perfect time to check in on how the conference is shaping up.

B1G Thoughts: Don’t run cover zero at the end of games and more insights from Week 3 in the Big Ten

Purdue can’t survive bad coaching and Pat Fitzgerald is washed, The B1G West is officially down bad.

B1G Thoughts: Major upsets for the B1G West, goodbye Scott Frost 

Nebraska gave Scott Frost his $15 million and showed him the door, while half the Big Ten West got upset on Saturday

B1G Thoughts: Running backs still rule, Ohio State is tough?

Week 1 came with a range of emotions, special plays, break-out performances, and questionable coaching decisions.

B1G Thoughts: The case for Nebraska to fire Scott Frost

Week 0 saw three teams in action including Nebraska, who should’ve left Scott Frost in Dublin, Ireland

B1G Thoughts: A 3-6-6 scheduling model for a 16-team Big Ten

Scrap what we previous thought about the future of Big Ten scheduling. The conference will soon be at 16 teams, and the future is bright.


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