Kosta Karageorge on the cover of the Ohio State-Michigan program


The senior walk-on was set to be honored at Ohio Stadium today. If you have any information about his whereabouts, please call call 614-747-1729 or Columbus police at 614-645-4545

Cris Carter says it's time to 'kick Michigan's ass'


Chris Carter just laid it down. Kick Michigans Ass! Go bucks. @jradcock13 and I are so hyped.

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There's no Skull Session like a Michigan Week Skull Session, and Cris Carter is just saying what we're already thinking. #GoBucks

TBDBITL doing a 'West Side Story' halftime show


SPOILER ALERT: It ends with Michigan dead. *snap snap snap*

Block O is primed to Beat Michigan



These newborns are ready to beat Michigan


Go Bucks. Beat Michigan.

J.T. Barrett is ready for Michigan


Big Bro @jt_theqbiv #BeatTTUN ⭕️‼️

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His first ever start. No worries. #GoBucks

The Ohio State football managers beat Michigan's 20-6


One down, one to go.