Ohio's most distinctive baby name? Braxton, of course

Our friends at created this map which showed the most distinctive baby name for each state in 2013, one that pops up there than in any other state. In Ohio? It's Braxton, and we couldn't help but wonder if a certain quarterback has anything to do with that. For girls, btw, the answer is Alaina.

An Ohio State fan randomly appeared at the Alamo Bowl


Hard to argue with her sign, in our humble opinion. #GoBucks

Mark May doesn't look happy in an Ohio State hat


Gee, I can't imagine why Mark May doesn't seem thrilled to be wearing these duds here with Joey Galloway. He always has such nice things to say about Ohio State. (via @Joey_Galloway)

Urban Meyer's face when Mark May was talking speaks for us all


Just moments after Ohio State had surprised much of the college football landscape taking down Alabama in SEC country, Urban Meyer had to be on set with noted Buckeye cynic Mark May. Meyer was a good sport, but couldn't exactly hide his feelings when May danced around a month (season?)'s worth of bad predictions.

These soldiers overseas are ready for an OSU win


Buckeye Nation knows no borders, and it extends all the way to these soldiers in Liberia. Stay safe, and Go Bucks. Credit: The Ohio State University

An Ohio State grad named Ann Arbaugh lives in Ann Arbor. Really

This is beyond crazy. And thanks to MGoBlog, she's about to see her name pretty much everywhere in town. Godspeed, Ann!