Michigan State to hire former Ohio State OC Jim Bollman



The B1G Picture: Ohio State


Our Matt Brown joins Wisconsin blog "Buck Around" to preview the 2013 Ohio State football team.

Ohio State's John Simon not a finalist for NCAA Football 14 Cover


Unfortunately Michigan's Denard Robinson and Texas A&M's Ryan Swope(!) are.

Gene Smith: No talks of B1G expansion at present


"I think you're going to have all types of rumors about us and the Big 12," Smith said. "We're not doing anything right now. We'll sit and evaluate Rutgers' and Maryland's transition. We don't want to screw that up. Right now we're not aggressively pursuing anyone."

Ohio State moves up to 16th in AP, 15th in latest Coaches Poll Top 25


Beating Michigan State and Minnesota worth either a 2 or 3 spot bounce, per your source.

Columnist: Aaron Craft is only heralded for being white


This is almost too stupid to link, but a "reverse affirmative action" style article on Aaron Craft is worth all your scorn and contempt.

Ohio State target Kyle Berger confirms death of 'swag'


No, Brady Hoke. Just no.

Emails to Ole Miss' Hugh Freeze FOIA'd


After daring the Internet to call him on Ole Miss' historic rise in the recruiting game, opposing fans did just that. Evidently 31 additional emails' information are still being investigated, but Ole Miss is sticking by the line that nothing's amiss. Most of the responses are comical.

Coach Woody on


From 1979, describing the triple option. What is remarkable about this show is how humble and soft spoken these players seem to be. Wouldn't find this today I'd think.

ACC to open restaurant in Raleigh airport


We wish this was a joke. The ACC is officially the Chili's Too of athletic conferences.