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Film Study

Film Review: Looking at the track record of Perry Eliano’s and Tim Walton’s defensive backs

With the two new coaches officially on staff, we take a look at the level of play by their defensive backs and how they were coached.

Film Study: Breaking down key concepts Justin Frye’s rushing attack brings to Ohio State

New Ohio State offensive line coach is bringing knowledge of Day’s scheme with a few more tricks coming as well.

Film Review: What type of player is Ohio State getting in transfer safety Tanner McCalister?

New transfer Tanner McCalister is bringing a versatile skill set and much needed edge to a defense that lacked physical toughness.

Film Review: Record breaking performances, same old defense in Ohio State Rose Bowl win

In this film review Chris Renne takes a look at the incredible offensive performance and shows how the same issues still plagued the Ohio State defense.

Utah Film Preview Offense Part 2: Utah’s physical, diverse run game

Ohio State’s Rose Bowl opponent is built on a physical rushing attack, which should be scary for Buckeye fans.

Film Preview: A first look into Utah’s defense

Ohio State starts their final preparations for the Rose Bowl, so we take a quick look at how their opponent Utah plays defense.

Film Study: C.J. Stroud’s self-proclaimed ‘villain origin story’

In this week’s film study, we take a look at Stroud’s first year and the massive improvements he made throughout the season.

Film Study: Safeties in Jim Knowles’ defense must provide versatility to have success

The safety position is a versatile group in a Knowles defense and today we take a look at why

Deep Dive: A breakdown on Ohio State’s latest commit, Caden Curry

The Buckeyes have added a major piece to the depth of their defensive line in the 2022 class

Knowles Film Study Part 2: Ohio State’s new defensive coordinator teaches aggression, discipline, pressure, teamwork

In this film study, Jordan looks at the run defense of new Ohio State defensive coordinator, Jim Knowles

Knowles Film Study Part 1: Jim Knowles is a mad scientist and his pass defense reflects that

In this Film Study, Chris looks at the coverages and blitzes of new Ohio State defensive coordinator, Jim Knowles

Film Study: A first look at Utah, Ohio State’s Rose Bowl opponent

Ohio State’s Rose Bowl matchup against Utah is set, so we get started taking a look at what Utah does offensively and defensively.

Film Review: Ohio State’s offensive line problems resurfaced against a tough Michigan defense

The Buckeyes were manhandled up front by the Wolverines, and we look at some of the reasons why

Film Review: Ohio State’s patchwork defense exposed against the Michigan Wolverines’ physical run game

Michigan physically dominated Ohio State’s defense, and we take a look at how they were able to attack the Buckeyes for four quarters.

Film Review: Ohio State’s perfect offensive performance, defensive line play flash in blowout over MSU

Ohio State dominated Michigan State in a dominant performance and we are here to take a look at some of the plays that made this happen

Film Preview: MSU’s one man running game, big play passing game, and a questionable defense

Ohio State hosts Michigan State this week, so we take a look at the Spartans’ awful pass defense and the offense that goes with Kenneth Walker

Film Review: Ohio State’s offense explodes, defense shows cracks in blowout win over Purdue

The Buckeyes’ best offensive performance in weeks and the defense’s mistakes are highlighted in this film review of Ohio State’s beatdown of Purdue.

Film Preview: Purdue’s David Bell-led air attack and man coverage-heavy defensive scheme

Purdue is visiting Columbus to take on the Buckeyes, so we’re taking a look at what they bring to the table on both sides of the ball.

Film Review: Nebraska stifles Ohio State’s run game and the defense’s blown coverages

Ohio State wins a hard fought battle, but their mistakes are highlighted in this weeks "Film Review"

Film Review: Ohio State’s short yardage struggles, coverage holes on defense against Penn State

Ohio State beat Penn State, but there were some glaring issues on both sides of the ball that will need to be addressed as we enter the final stretch.

Film Preview: Penn State’s traditional offense, high pressure defense

Ohio State takes on Penn State this week, so we breakdown the film of how they will be looking to attack the Buckeyes both offensively and defensively

Film Review: Ohio State’s OL, DL bully Indiana paving the way for blowout victory

Ohio State dominated Indiana on the backs of the OL and DL setting the tone. We take a look at how they were able to be successful and what this means moving forward,

Film Preview: Indiana’s pass heavy attack and aggressive, blitz heavy defense

We take a look at how Indiana uses the screen game to replace the run and how their defense uses blitz looks to create chaos for opposing offenses.

Film Study: Run Fits, tackling in space, and bad pursuit

Ohio State has improved in every facet, but there are still some little things the Buckeyes need to improve upon.

Film Study: New look Buckeye defense, new wrinkles on offense heading into the second half

Our film study takes the opportunity to look at all the changes on both sides of the ball that have led to OSU’s recent success.

Film Review: Ohio State opens up downfield passing game, slows down Maryland’s offense

Ohio state lit up the scoreboard with balance through the air and the defense was successful at the little things.

Film Preview: Maryland’s offensive air attack and a defense prone to big plays

In this week’s film preview, we take a look at what the Buckeyes will need to do on both sides of the ball to find success against the Terps.

Film Review: CJ Stroud’s success, a fullback touchdown, and a turnover hungry defense

Ryan Day called an excellent game giving Stroud his opportunities to succeed, and the defense showed how far its come in a short time

Film Preview: Rutgers’ smoke and mirrors offense and Greg Schiano’s defense

Ohio State will look to show off their new defense against a creative Rutgers offense and the offense will try to make some big plays against an old friend.

Film Review: Ohio State ramps up the pressure against Akron, Ryan Day set the QBs up for success

Ohio State was able to find their pass rush and the offense put on a clinic

Akron Film Preview: They’re not great, but they can help Ohio State get better

Ohio State will look to gain confidence on both sides of the ball and the defense will look to continue to learn their new schemes.

Tulsa Film Review: Ohio State’s new look defense, run game wrinkles, Stroud’s struggles

The Buckeyes added a lot of new looks to the defense and we take a look at what made the run game so explosive