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If I Was in Charge

You’re Nuts: If you were in charge, which college sport would get more primetime TV coverage?

Your (almost) daily dose of good-natured, Ohio State banter.

You’re Nuts: What is one change you’d make if you were in charge of college football?

Your (almost) daily dose of good-natured, Ohio State banter.

If I Was in Charge: St. John Arena would be revived as the home of Ohio State basketball

Still host to Skull Sessions and random events, the old arena has otherwise been reduced to a relic. But with modern upgrades, it could (and should) once again be the home of Buckeye basketball.

If I Was in Charge: Ohio State football scheduling

Three quick changes for future OSU football schedules.

LGHL Asks: If Ohio State fans were in charge, they’d stick with the status quo at quarterback, running back

You ask, we answer. Sometimes we ask, others answer. And then other times, we ask, we answer.

Buck Off Podcast: Recruiting roundup on defensive backs, B1G QB outlook, and if we were in charge

Definitely a busy news week, so we discussed a wide range of topic.

If I Was In Charge: A potpourri of necessary changes

Why restrict yourself to just one change that you could make when you could fire off a four-pack?

Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: If we were in charge, OSU baseball would dominate, football would run more, Catfish Biff’s would return

If Josh and Chuck were in charge, it would likely lead to chaos at THE Ohio State University, but there would be major changes across campus.

If I Was in Charge: My first 90 days as the Big Ten Commissioner

I have been handed the keys to the Big Ten conference, and I outline my five-step action plan for my first 90 days in charge.

I-70 Football Podcast: What we would do if we were in Charge of the Big Ten

After a long break, the guys are back to discuss the NFL Draft, NBA Playoffs, and what they would do if they were in charge of the Big Ten

You’re Nuts: If We Were in Charge, what outlandish change would we make to Ohio State’s football team?

Embracing absurdity for this week’s theme.

If I Was in Charge: Ohio State football would never lose again

Winning football is easy, I just don’t know why coaches make it look so hard.

If I Was in Charge: Three tweaks I’d make to Ohio State’s offense

It’s hard to argue that Ohio State’s offense has been anything short of spectacular under Ryan Day, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

LGHL Asks: If you were in charge, who would you start at quarterback, running back for Ohio State?

This week’s SB Nation Reacts’ survey puts you in charge of picking the Buckeye backfield