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Men's Tennis

Ohio State’s men’s tennis team advances to national championship

Could this be their first time winning it all?

Men’s Tennis advances to NCAA quarterfinals, play Georgia Thursday

The men haven’t won it all since 2015 — could this be the year?

Everything you need to know about 2023 Ohio State tennis

There’s a Buckeye in Week 2 of the Austrailian Open!

Column: Ohio State is a tennis school

Ohio State is obviously pretty good at football. However, men’s tennis is just as dominant!

Column: Men’s and Women’s tennis teams punch tickets to national tournament

Tennis is alive and well at Ohio State, and you came to the right place to get you amped up for the season.

Bold Predictions You’re Nuts: Which non-football Ohio State team will win a national title in 2021-22?

Your (almost) daily dose of good-natured, Ohio State banter.