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The 2022 Ohio State team has a lot of similarities to the 2014 title team

If Ohio State wants to win a second College Football Playoff title, they’ll have to channel some of the magic from the 2014 team.

Column: Ranking the top three College Football Playoffs (hint: this one makes the cut)

I’m just happy Alabama and Clemson didn’t make it this year.

Column: Who would you have preferred Ohio State play in the College Football Playoff?

Personally, I wanted to play Michigan in the playoff, but now I’m not sure.

How does this Ohio State team stack up to past Buckeye playoff teams?

The Buckeyes have a history to look back to and more to make now that they are officially in the College Football Playoff.

College Football Playoff offers Ryan Day a shot to change his legacy

Cracks have appeared in Day’s tenure at Ohio State as he gets further removed from the Urban Meyer era, but he now has a chance to rewrite his legacy’s trajectory.

‘Ball Hell Broke Loose: Championship Week chaos abounded

The conference championships have been decided, and the Buckeyes aren’t out yet

Ohio State has likely made the College Football Playoff, and the internet is mad about it

Don’t be like Dan.

Column: The sky is not falling on Ohio State football, the Buckeyes have just spoiled you

The Buckeyes’ most recent loss to TTUN was a heartbreaker, but if you are still upset about "only" having an inarguable top-5 CFB program, maybe it’s time to switch your allegiance to the Harlem Globetrotters.

Column: For once, Ohio State might be relying on the transfer portal

New year, new Buckeyes.

Ohio State sports to check out with football on hiatus for the next month

While the football team lost on Saturday, there are still plenty of other Buckeye sports to be excited about!

Column: Ohio State focused on toughness for 365 days, now they’re in the same place they started

Ryan Day wanted to prove something this season, and now he has to look in the mirror to figure out what went wrong in his chase for toughness.

A letter from a very sad Ohio State student

I’ve never seen the Buckeyes beat Michigan as an Ohio State student.

Column: I was wrong about Ohio State, and it sucks

After spending a year thinking the Buckeyes couldn’t possibly lose two straight to Michigan, Ohio State laid an egg at home

Column: Ohio State isn’t going to fire Ryan Day, but they should

I’ve seen just about enough.

Column: What I am grateful for heading into The Game

There sure is a lot to be thankful for surrounding this Buckeye football team, especially during rivalry week leading up to The Game.

Column: Come on, where’s our petty Jim Harbaugh?

It’s only a matter of time.

Column: Emeka Egbuka, nice to see you again; other positives from Maryland

It was nice to see Egbuka finally get a decent amount of targets. Although it was an ugly game, I still have a few positive takeaways.

Five synonyms of cold to describe Ohio State’s 56-14 win over Indiana

After struggling in the elements against Northwestern, Ohio State had little trouble with the inclement weather against Indiana

Column: Does a running C.J. Stroud have to become part of Ohio State’s repertoire?

The schemes will only get more complex.

Column: Two offensive improvements we need to see as Ohio State gears up for TTUN

There have been a couple of concerning elements in Ohio State’s games the past couple of weeks that need to improve as the regular season finale looms.

Column: Who should be ranked higher— Ohio State or Michigan?

Both of these teams have had some struggles against easy opponents, yet both remain undefeated. Who should be the top Big Ten team?

What’s a tight end, anyway? A look at Buckeyes who have played the position under coach Ryan Day

Ohio State tight ends are used in multiple ways.

Column: The Big Ten is not good enough for two College Football Playoff teams

Sorry :(

Column: New month, new goals for the Buckeyes

Who doesn’t love to make some resolutions on the first of the month?

Column: Ohio State’s run game is back to being incredibly predictable

Everyone watching can tell when the Buckeyes are going to run the football based purely on the formation, which is not great in my personal opinion.

Column: What did we learn from the Penn State game?

Good and bad, many different areas of the Buckeyes were highlighted Saturday.

Checking in on the 2022 Buckeye freshmen

Are they seeing as much playing time as last year’s class? Are they as good?

Column: Could Ohio State play for a different kind of trophy in the Big Ten Championship?

And could this become more common in the future?

Column: Let’s discuss the running back situation

Up to this point in the season, Miyan Williams has 42 more yards than TreVeyon Henderson, yet Tre has six more carries. Is this what we expected?

Column: Has Ohio State wide receiver Julian Fleming finally arrived?

Does it matter if he has?

Column: Ryan Day is getting the Top-10 defense he ordered this offseason

Statistically speaking the Ohio State Buckeyes are a top-10 defense in a few important metrics, and that is exactly what Jim Knowles was brought in to do.

Column: Biggest surprises in CFB (including Ohio State) at midseason

College football is wild every year, but I have a feeling this is the year we will finally have a shakeup in the final four.