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Ohio State Football

Unpopular Opinion: College football’s less draconian pass interference penalty is better than NFL’s

Let’s stop giving NFL refs the chance to play God.

LGHL Asks: Ohio State fans pick who they want to eventually succeed Ryan Day as head coach

You ask, we answer. Sometimes we ask, others answer. And then other times, we ask, we answer.

Unpopular Opinion: Give me the Tressel Era over the Meyer Era

For all of the detractors, he Jim Tressel Era was among my favorite.

Buck Off Podcast: Big Ten’s TV deal, neutral site games, recruiting updates

Kevin Warren is not done with the Big Ten yet, and most commentators in college football are bad.

Unpopular Opinion: Extra covid year had good intentions, but has made a mess of college football

A lot of people go to school for seven years, and they are called doctors.

LGHL Asks: Is Ohio State still the best football program in the Big Ten?

You ask, we answer. Sometimes we ask, others answer. And then other times, we ask, we answer.

Silver Bullets Podcast: Bucks in the Draft and transfer portal news

Our rewind of NFL Draft weekend, the comings and goings of the portal, and some schools are ticked off at Kevin Warren.

Unpopular Opinion: Carnell Tate should start immediately

The Buckeyes should take advantage of their most talented playmakers for as long as they’re on campus.

Ohio State makes top schools lists four-star DL, safety

Buckeyes continue to find themselves in the mix for some of the nation’s best.

If I Was in Charge: Ohio State football scheduling

Three quick changes for future OSU football schedules.

LGHL Asks: If Ohio State fans were in charge, they’d stick with the status quo at quarterback, running back

You ask, we answer. Sometimes we ask, others answer. And then other times, we ask, we answer.

Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: If we were in charge, OSU baseball would dominate, football would run more, Catfish Biff’s would return

If Josh and Chuck were in charge, it would likely lead to chaos at THE Ohio State University, but there would be major changes across campus.

I-70 Football Podcast: What we would do if we were in Charge of the Big Ten

After a long break, the guys are back to discuss the NFL Draft, NBA Playoffs, and what they would do if they were in charge of the Big Ten

If I Was in Charge: Three tweaks I’d make to Ohio State’s offense

It’s hard to argue that Ohio State’s offense has been anything short of spectacular under Ryan Day, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

Previewing the Ohio State storylines for the NFL’s opening weekend of the regular season

Now that the draft has taken place and the schedules have been released, we know where the Buckeyes in the NFL will be starting the 2023 season

LGHL Asks: If you were in charge, who would you start at quarterback, running back for Ohio State?

This week’s SB Nation Reacts’ survey puts you in charge of picking the Buckeye backfield

Unreasonable expectations: 2023 will see the return of the sack artist for Ohio State

OSU has not had a player reach double-digit sacks since Chase Young in 2019. In fact, no Buckeye has even come close. But there is reason to believe that a new sack artist will emerge in 2023.

Unreasonable Expectations: The 2023 Ohio State transfer portal additions

New players have been added this offseason, but how much of an impact will they make in 2023?

Unreasonable Expectations: Ohio State is well-represented in New York City with two Heisman Finalists

Not just two Heisman Finalists, but a winner as well.

Buck Off Podcast: Breaking down Ohio State’s transfer portal performance, unreasonable expectations

The guys are back together this week to discuss Ohio State’s finalized transfer window and then they get into their unreasonable expectations

Unreasonable Expectations: Ohio State will actually make the correct personnel decisions

I know, I know. This may be TOO unreasonable...

Unreasonable Expectation You’re Nuts: Which Ohio State non-QB will be a Heisman finalist?

Your (almost) daily dose of good-natured, Ohio State banter.

Unreasonable Expectations: Zach Harrison puts it all together and flourishes in the Atlanta

Now a member of the Atlanta Falcons, don’t be shocked if the homegrown Buckeye makes good on his potential.

Ohio State lands top transfer defensive lineman; top-75 defensive end sets visit for June

And with that, it appears, that the Buckeyes are done with the transfer portal for this season.

Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: Potentially unreasonable expectations for Ohio State Buckeyes in the 2024 NFL Draft

On this episode, Josh and Chuck discuss recent transfer activity before attempting to predict on which day certain Buckeyes will be selected in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Unreasonable Expectations: Tommy Eichenberg will be the best linebacker in the country!

I entirely — and possibly unreasonably — expect the Tommy Train to build on last season and become the best linebacker in the nation in 2023.

You’re Nuts: Unreasonable expectations for an Ohio State player, position group in 2023

Which Buckeyes do you think go above and beyond?

Unreasonable Expectations: Ohio State’s defensive line will be the most dominant in the country

The Buckeyes have their most talented group in some time. If they aren’t the best in the country, that might lead to disappointment

Unreasonable Expectations: Marvin Harrison Jr. will have the best wide receiving season in Ohio State history

Ignore the quarterback and offensive line questions, Marv is fully capable of this.

Biggest Concern: Ryan Day has peaked as Ohio State head coach

During his four years as Buckeye head coach, Day has lost to Michigan twice and failed to win the CFP in three appearances.

Some thoughts on the Buckeyes, the Browns & the 2023 NFL Draft

The Cleveland Browns did not have to look too far for some new talent

Buck Off Podcast: Breaking down our biggest concerns for Ohio State football

It is biggest concerns week at Land-Grant Holy Land and the guys are here to discuss theirs.