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I Got 5 On It

I Got 5 on it: So, we meet again

Hey look, it’s Wisconsin’s blocking strategy for Chase Young!

I Got 5 on it: The Game is The Game

It’s Chris Olave’s time, plus 5 random predictions for tomorrow.

I Got 5 on it: Ohio State’s November starts against Penn State

Can this team make a run at being one of the best of all-time?

I Got 5 on it: The 5 greatest moments in Ohio State/Rutgers series history


I Got 5 on it: A thought on Chase Young, and four ridiculous things about Ohio State right now

The NCAA and its archaic rules continue to fail student athletes.

I Got 5 on it: The Ohio State buzzsaw faces its toughest challenge yet

Can Wisconsin’s defense do what no one else has done yet?

I Got 5 on it: Northwestern goes goth


I Got 5 on it: What? Justin Fields is evolving!

If you’re looking for Pokémon content, this column is for you.

I Got 5 on it: The people demand more Garrett Wilson!

Goals for tomorrow: No injuries, play the freshmen, score lots of points

I Got 5 on it: This is the year that the Indiana game isn’t annoying

Talking ourselves into a blowout Ohio State win; what could go wrong!

I Got 5 on it: Get ready for a lot of old Luke Fickell footage


I Got 5 on it: Savor this season of Ohio State Football

The Buckeyes have a lot of unknowns this season, and that might actually be really good.

I Got 5 on it: Redemption in Indianapolis

Let’s hope this goes better than the last trip to Indiana

I Got 5 on it: Ohio State and Michigan battle for the ultimate prize: Playing Northwestern

Yes that is Ohio State as Stone Cold and Michigan as The Rock

I Got 5 on it: Maryland

Yes, that’s Dwayne Haskins throwing a blue shell at Bowser’s Castle with the Maryland logo on it.

I Got 5 on it: Michigan State

Where is Chase Young? Will Brendon White Start? Can Ohio State’s coaches give their best player the ball?

I Got Five on it: Ohio State is all about the Binjimen’s versus Nebraska

Plus, the black uniforms rule.

I Got Five on it: Don’t let Jeff Brohm get the hammer

This series is WEEEEEEIRD

I Got Five On It: The week after Penn State can’t be worse than last year

There’s only one Iowa reference in here, we promise.

I Got Five on It: Operative Dobbins goes to work

JK is secretly the key to winning, plus why it’s time for Chase Young to step up.

I Got Five on it: Tate Martell surfs the green wave

Plus, I explain what a ‘Nick Saban Special’ is.

I Got Five on it: I’m afraid this Dwayne Haskins is quite operational

Haskins becomes a big name this week, while Ryan Day shows off his ability to be a high-level head coach.

I Got Five On It: The conference game none of us asked for

Ohio State is going to score a lot, and Rutgers is going to score a little. (Possibly not at all!)

I Got Five on It: Get your shine on, Dwayne

No. 7 makes his first start, Shaun Wade emerges, and more!

I Got Five on it: It may not match last year, but get ready for another epic edition of The Game

Plus, Ohio State’s icy uniforms, and Mike Weber’s return to Ann Arbor.

I Got Five on it: J.T. Barrett says goodbye to Ohio Stadium

Celebrating No. 16, and other things to watch for tomorrow.

I Got Five on it: Prepare yourself for another uncomfortable game with Michigan State

It’s November, and the Spartans would like to interest you in a 20-17 game.

I Got Five on it: Halloween is over, but Ohio State still has these leftover tackles for loss to pass out

Also, is this the week Ohio State executes a kickoff properly?

I Got Five on it: Can Ohio State avoid Tecmo Bowl playcalling against Penn State?

Plus, kicking to Saquon Barkley isn’t a very good idea.

I Got Five on it: Ohio State returns to Lincoln for the ghost of Joe Bauserman

It’s Friday the 13th, so let’s revisit that terrible game from 2011!

I Got 5 on it: Maryland falls off Rainbow Road

The Buckeyes finish up their Mushroom Cup series in style against the Terps.

I Got 5 on it: Ohio State shouldn’t need to run J.T. Barrett often against Rutgers, but will they?

Also, Nick Bosa is very good and we need to talk about it.