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Ohio State Head Football Coaches History

A rundown of all 24 head coaches in Ohio State history.

24 Club: Ryan Day — The Football Savant

Day’s first season set the tone for a bright future.

24 Club: Urban Meyer — The Michigan Slayer

Meyer became the first coach in OSU history to finish with an unblemished record against the Wolverines.

24 Club: Jim Tressel, The Great Bane of the Wolverines

Tressel turned The Game into the lopsided affair we know today.

24 Club: John Cooper’s winning ways and long Novembers

Cooper won more games than any OSU coach not named Woody Hayes, but too often couldn’t get it done at the end of the season.

24 Club: Coach Earle Bruce’s magic touch against Michigan

When Bruce left Ohio State, he had more wins against Michigan than any OSU coach not named Woody Hayes.

24 Club: The remarkable Woody Hayes

Hayes won more games than any other coach in Ohio State football history.

Paul Bixler, OSU’s Mr. Inconsistent as head coach

Bixler’s short tenure featured some big wins — and one of the worst losses to Michigan in the history of the program.

24 Club: Carroll Widdoes, a quiet winner

Widdoes has a higher winning percentage than any Ohio State coach not named Urban Meyer or Ryan Day.

24 Club: Paul Brown, the legend who led Ohio State to its first National Championship

Head coach of Ohio State at 33 years old, Brown led the Buckeyes to a national title in his second season.

24 Club: Francis Schmidt, OSU’s first coach to finish with a winning record against Michigan

In his first four seasons, coach Schmidt’s Buckeyes outscored Michigan 114-0.

24 Club: Sam Willaman, a winner who followed a legend

Willaman led the Buckeyes to five consecutive winning seasons, one of the best runs of any coach for OSU at the time

24 Club: John Wilce, the father of the modern OSU program

Before coach Wilce, the Buckeyes were an afterthought in college football. Wilce changed all that.

24 Club: John Richards went from revered OSU coach to a hated foe

Richards quit after a year as head coach of the Buckeyes, and year’s later threatened to resign as Wisconsin’s head coach if OSU was ever scheduled.

24 Club: Harry Vaughan coached the Buckeyes for a season, then quit to go to law school

Vaughan coached the Buckeyes to a winning record but became the second consecutive coach to leave after a single season.

24 Club: Howard Jones, a one year wonder as OSU head coach

Ohio State’s ninth head coach had success on the field, but began a troubling trend for the program

24 Club: Albert Herrnstein’s Buckeyes captured OSU’s first conference championship

He may have played at Michigan, but as Ohio State’s eighth head coach, Albert Herrnstein took the Buckeye program to new heights.

24 Club: Edwin Sweetland’s Buckeyes were the first OSU team to ever score against Michigan

Sweetland played under Pop Warner and coached the first Buckeye squad to ever score against the Wolverines.

24 Club: Perry Hale, a winning coach that suffered OSU’s worst ever loss

This OSU coach couldn’t beat Michigan in the early years of the program. But he beat just about everyone else.

24 Club: John Eckstorm, OSU’s First Great Coach

John Eckstorm might be the best Ohio State coach you’ve never heard of.

24 Club: David Farragut Edwards, Ohio State’s worst football coach

However, he was pretty darn good at Texas.

24 Club: Ohio State’s third football coach Charles Hickey had a disappointing one-year tenure

Ohio State’s third head coach found success playing against doctors and dentists, but not many others.

24 Club: Jack Ryder

Just $10 a week got you a damn good football coach in 1892.

24 Club: Alexander Lilley

The pony riding, first-ever head coach of OSU left a big legacy — despite few wins.