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Player to Watch

Akron Players to Watch: D.J. Irons and Bubba Arslanian

D.J. Irons and Bubba Arslanian are bright spots on an otherwise overmatched team.

Tulsa Defensive Player to Watch: DT Jaxon Player

Player is undersized, but he is still a heck of a physical presence for OSU’s interior linemen to deal with.

Oregon Offensive Player to Watch: QB Anthony Brown

This experienced QB has steadily improved over the course of his lengthy college career. He will now be leading the Ducks and looking to make plays through the air, as well as on the ground.

Oregon Defensive Player to Watch: DE/Joker Kayvon Thibodeaux (injury TBD)

Thibodeaux is an uber-talented pass rusher and projected top-5 NFL draft pick. Buckeye fans and fans of college football should want to see him healthy and dressed for the Ducks on Saturday.

Minnesota Defensive Player to Watch: Linebacker Jack Gibbens

Minnesota had a rough 2020, exacerbated by their issues on defense. A small-school transfer should play a pivotal role in helping to turn the unit around this season.

Minnesota Offensive Player to Watch: Running back Mohamed Ibrahim

If the Buckeyes are able to control the line of scrimmage and shut down Mohamed Ibrahim, it will force Minnesota into a shootout they should have no interest in.