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LGHL Podcasts

I-70 Football Show: Celebrating 50 years of Title IX 

In this episode, the guys discuss the impact of Title IX, plus the interesting games in weeks three and four of the college football season.

Buck Off Podcast: The receiver three-peat, recruiting big board, and Arch Manning’s recruitment

The guys are back with a recruiting-heavy episode, getting into this week’s commitments, the upcoming recruiting weekend and the five-star quarterbacks

Bucketheads Podcast: Talking NBA Draft with Ohio State Hoops’ Joe Gemma

Plus, rest in peace Caleb "Biggie" Swanigan.

Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: Brian Hartline has done it again

The Buckeyes haul in a pair of five-star wide receivers in a two-day span — and added another four-star after we recorded.

Play Like a Girl Podcast: Our favorite moments made possible by Title IX

We’re approaching the 50th anniversary of Title IX, which was pivotal in making so many of the sporting memories we know and love possible.

I-70 Football Show: Happy Fathers Day & Juneteenth

It’s a slow news week, so in this episode we talk about everything from moving to the NBA Finals

Buck Off Podcast: Huge recruiting weekend, Marcus Freeman back tracks, and a game of What If?

The Buckeyes are hosting a huge recruiting weekend and Marcus Freeman talks about academics.

Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: Latest on Ohio State recruiting, Buckeyes’ NBA Draft hopefuls

The guys give an update on some of the Buckeyes’ biggest recruiting targets and their final thoughts on next week’s NBA Draft.

Bucketheads Podcast: NBA Draft looms for Branham and Liddell, Carmen’s Crew is on hiatus

We also play a round of "Transfer portal free agent or U.S. Congressman?"

You’re Nuts: Who drafted the best ‘Defense of the Decade?’

The Holy Land boys once again go head-to-head in putting together their ultimate bunch of Buckeyes.

I-70 Football Show: Big Ten Win Totals

In this episode, the boys take a look at Vegas’ Big Ten win totals and choose over/under for each team

Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: The ‘Defense of the Decade’ Draft

The Holy Land boys attempt to draft the ultimate defense comprised of Ohio State’s best since 2012.

Buck Off Podcast: Bill Landis joins the show to talk OSU’s recruiting and the state of the program

The guys are joined by The Athletic’s Bill Landis and they talk all things surrounding the Ohio State football program.

Play Like a Girl Podcast: Is Steph Curry the GOAT? And why is everyone so dramatic in CFB?

Plus, breaking down a chaotic, dramatic college football offseason.

Buck Off Podcast: Ohio State Football Camps, SEC Arrogance, and Ohio State’s NIL Budget

The guys are back to discuss why the SEC played their hand in playoff negotiations and all the recruiting news out of Ohio State’s football camp

Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: The ‘Offense of the Decade’ Draft

The Holy Land boys attempt to draft the ultimate offense comprised of Ohio State’s best since 2012.

I-70 Football Podcast: Ranking Big Ten football coaches heading into 2022

In this episode we rank the football coaches from worst to best .

Buck Off Podcast: 99 Days until Notre Dame, schedule breakdown, rapid recruiting news

We are under the 100 day mark until the start of the season and the guys can’t hold back their excitement

Buck Off Podcast: Jimbo vs. Saban, June recruiting is coming, OSU contract extensions

The guys are back to talk about the SEC fireworks and get into the recent Ohio State news.

Play Like a Girl Podcast: Rating Gritty’s talents as an arm wrestler

Plus, more super important NBA and Stanley Cup Playoff coverage.

Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: Breaking down the biggest matchups on Ohio State’s 2022 schedule

The Buckeyes have a handful of marquee matchups this season, including the season opener against Notre Dame and a big rematch with TTUN.

Stick to Sports Podcast: ‘The One Where We Don’t Talk About Sports and Instead Discuss the Tony Nominations’

Sorry, it’s slow in those Buckeye streets and we’ve got plenty of other sports-focused podcast episodes for you this week.

I-70 Football Podcast: Getting rid of divisions and being more like the SEC

In this episode the guys answer questions about the Big Ten immediate and extended future

Buck Off Podcast: Corey Dennis deserves respect, big recruiting month ahead, the end of divisions

Ohio State is on a recruiting tear with quarterbacks, the guys discuss the huge recruiting month ahead, and close out with a conversation about conference divisions

Bucketheads Podcast: Team 124’s roster is set and NIL is the wild, wild west

Plus a brief review of ‘Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.’

Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: Ryan Day lands another five-star QB, the latest on OSU recruiting

The Buckeyes’ 2024 class gets off to a massive start.

I-70 Football Podcast: 2023 mock draft, players to watch 

On this episode Dante and Jordan discuss a way too early 2023 Mock Draft, plus which players they’re excited to watch in the 2022 season

Buck Off Podcast: Offensive line recruiting, Upcoming May Visits, Ryan Day’s program taking shape

Justin Frye is building his position group and the guys get deep into some recruiting stuff.

Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: 2022 NFL Draft recap, early preview of 2023 NFL Draft

The Buckeyes saw six players taken in this year’s NFL Draft.

Buck Off Podcast: Live NFL Draft Reactions, Ohio State transfers, first overall pick in 2022

The guys watch the 1st round of the NFL draft and discuss some of the recent news surrounding Ohio State football

Bucketheads Podcast: Team 124’s roster is starting to take shape

We drafted our all-time Ohio State teams (since 2000) and brainstormed what the Buckeyes’ lineup may look like this fall.

Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: Transfer portal update, NFL Draft preview

A big week for Buckeyes past, present and future.