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Photo Gallery: Charlotte Hornets new jersey unveiled

At long last, the Charlotte Hornets showcased what their 2014-2015 uniforms will look like.

The Charlotte Hornets unveiled their new uniforms on Thursday morning. While many expected the Hornets to go back to their roots and go with pinstriped jerseys, the team surprised by unveiling a bit more modern of a look with more subtle homages to the past.

The NBA actively discourages alternate uniforms for teams until two years after a rebrand, but the Hornets went ahead and showcased an alternate teal uniforms which owes thanks back to the original Hornets' visual identity. The Michael Jordan owned club will don purple road uniforms the share color similarities to the alternates of the franchise that ultimately moved to New Orleans (and are now the Pelicans).

The Hornets have the ninth pick in the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft. DraftExpress pegs them as likely to draft Michigan's sharpshooter, Nik Stauskas, while others have tied them to Creighton's rifleman, Naismith national player of the year Doug McDermott.

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