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Watch this: Northwestern shows off different uniform combinations

Check out this promotional video which showcases several of Northwestern's possible uniform combinations.

Pat Fitzgerald's Wildcats have been an Under Armour school since 2011. For the past two seasons, the 'Cats have presented a fairly consistent look and feel, but they've introduced additional helmet/jersey/pants combinations along the way.

Earlier today, the Northwestern athletic department released a new video in which senior linebacker Collin Ellis shows off a variety of those different Wildcats uniform combos. From the traditional purple and black, to black on black, all the way to an all white combination, a spectrum of NU's various looks are showcased with cool editing to show the jerseys switching almost seamlessly.

Last season Northwestern introduced Wounded Warrior uniforms, which drew controversy for a visual style resembling a blood splattered flag. It remains to be seen what tweaks (if any) the program will introduce to their look this year -- though an alternate uniform or two is probably a safe bet, particularly after the offseason they've had.