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Uniform Nation's 2014 Pac-12 uniform rankings

Home to the program that started college football's fascination with uniforms, we rank the Pac-12 Conference.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing our conference-by-conference look at the uniforms across the college football landscape, we rank the teams from the Pac-12 Conference. Taking each team's current home, road, and alternate looks into consideration, I've ranked the conference below:

1. USC (Stephen Dunn - Getty Images)

With all of the ridiculous alternate uniforms in college football, something about a clean, classic look gets me. The Trojans have just that, and there's no way the team can improve upon its current look. If the rumors about the Trojans adding a chrome helmet are true, I may have to reconsider

2. UCLA (Stephen Dunn - Getty Images)

For every one of Adidas' attempts to ruin UCLA's beautiful uniforms, they're still among the upper echelon of college football. The TechFit template has distorted the famous UCLA stripes, and introducing two different black uniforms has muddle the Bruins' identity, but few colors are more visually pleasing that UCLA's shade of blue.

3. Washington (Nike)


The Huskies have one of my favorite color schemes in college football, as purple and gold compliment each other well. The recently unveiled uniform could use some work, mainly dropping the black from the home jersey, but are still an upgrade from their last piping-heavy set. Furthermore, the "frost" covered helmet is such a cool concept.

4. California (Kirby Lee - USA TODAY Sports)

Another team with a tastefully modern uniform, California's jerseys are a tweak or two away from being great. Nike's obnoxiously large collar sticks out like a sore thumb and the gray set is unnecessary, but the sublimated bear is a nice touch. Fix the collar and make the bear on the sleeves more noticeable and California has a solid uniform for the next decade.

5. Oregon (Craig Mitchelldyer - Getty Images)

When the Ducks first started the multiple uniform fad, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I was an impressionable high schooler who applied to Oregon as a result, but have fallen out of love with each new uniform they unveil. While the uniform above is one of my favorite getups of all-time, they've only worn it once in the past two years. For every one great look the Ducks have, they'll throw a handful of Nike's latest crap at us and expect us to believe that it's a cohesive brand. They'll reel me in with a Kelly Green and yellow uniform, only to push me away with non-school colored uniform the following week.

6. Arizona State (Matt Kartozian - USA TODAY Sports)

It seems as if the Sun Devils wear a different uniform combination every week, a far cry from the team's Rose Bowl days. The standard home uniforms are solid, if not simply because of the colors, and while the pitchfork is an instantly recognizable mark, Arizona State needs to bring back Sparky if it wants to be higher in these rankings.

7. Washington State (William Mancebo - Getty Images)

The first team in college football to wear two different helmets on a regular basis, the Cougars have very quietly out together a solid looking uniform. A school-specific number font and wordmark are a plus, however, two different gray uniforms are pretty pointless.

8. Stanford (Ezra Shaw - Getty Images)

While I ranked Alabama first in the SEC, although essentially wearing the same uniform as Stanford from the neck down, I believe the Cardinal can do much better. Their current uniforms are an upgrade from the set accented with black, but they quickly reverted back to that look with a black alternate. If you're going to add a non-school color, forest green would be an acceptable choice, in my opinion.

9. Colorado (Ron Chenoy - USA TODAY Sports)

Some traditional uniforms are timeless, while others tend to look dated as the years roll by. Forever associated with Kordell Stewart's Hail Mary in the Big House, Colorado's uniforms are the latter. They're better than the last set, however.

10. Arizona (Casey Sapio - USA TODAY Sports)

The Wildcats perfected their uniforms with a modern, but classic look prior to the 2010 season, only to ditch them in favor of a uniform with gradients on the shoulders and numbers. To make matters worse, the numbers will look out of place, as they no longer have the gradients to comply with NCAA rules. Add in a copper helmet, as a nod to the state's mining history, Arizona is a mess.

11. Utah (Russ Isabella - USA TODAY Sports)

Rumored to be dropping the topography on its uniforms in favor of clip-art mountains, Utah's uniforms will be among the tackiest in college football. The school can neither confirm or deny the changes, leading me to believe they're in the process of changing them again to do fan backlash. The team has never had a solid look, but I'm a big fan of the drum and feather logo.

12. Oregon State (Steve Dykes- Getty Images)

To counter their rivals, Oregon State unveiled a set of unique uniforms last season. Unfortunately, there is no cohesiveness as the black set features no logo, the orange lid has numbers on the side, and the white helmet has the Nike-fied Beaver logo. Their insistence on wearing monochromatic combinations makes orange uniform gaudy as can be.