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Uniform Nation's 2014 Big 12 uniform rankings

The smallest of the power conferences, the Big 12 is more trendy than traditional when it comes to uniforms.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been paying close attention to my conference-by-conference uniform rankings, you'll have no problem guessing which are my favorites from the Big 12. Taking every team's home, road, and alternate uniforms into consideration, my rankings are listed below:

1. Texas Jim Cowsert - USA TODAY Sports

A common theme for the schools that top each conference, little can be done to improve Texas' look. Outside of a Pro Combat uniform that was essentially the same jersey on a different template, the only updates to this classic look have been to add numbers above the helmet logo. My only complaint would be for the team to color match the logos with the jersey fabric.

2. OklahomaAlonzo Adams - USA TODAY Sports

Like their rivals, the Sooners have an absolutely gorgeous set of uniforms, making the Red River Rivalry game one of college football's best looking games. I'm a huge fan of the detail put into the new alternate uniforms, and I wish that Oklahoma's standard road uniforms used the same cream color.

3. Kansas StateJasen Vinlove - USA TODAY Sports

An underrated outfit, Kansas State's uniform is as lasting as coach Bill Snyder. In fact, the Wildcats slightly changed when Snyder departed the program, only to return to the classic stripes when he came out of retirement. As other schools with the same colored pants have changed to matte fabric, Kansas State's shiny silver pants make me wish Ohio State and Georgia had done the same.

4. TCUJerome Miron - USA TODAY Sports

Despite being its most recent addition, TCU's looks like a long-time conference power with a modern touch. With such dark colors, the Horned Frogs look like they're going to dominate every time they take the field. The detail put into TCU's helmets is second to none, although not every concept can be as great as this.

5. Oklahoma State Richard Rowe - USA TODAY Sports

Like Oregon, the program that started college football's fascination with uniforms, Oklahoma State benefits both on and off the field from a billionaire booster supplying the newest facilities and latest uniforms. The Cowboys have unlimited combinations of tastefully modern uniforms, but mix and match different colors and helmet logos despite having such a beautiful primary home uniform.

6. Baylor Jerome Miron - USA TODAY Sports

With Robert Griffin III winning the Heisman Trophy and the program reaching national prominence, it was only a matter of time before the Bears became Nike's darling. I have a mixed opinion about the team's current threats because I like the paw print logo, but I believe the team looked better with traditional stripes.

7. West Virginia Charles LeClaire - USA TODAY Sports

The Mountaineers had a chance to be higher on this list with their recent rebrand, but failed to use the state's rich mining history as inspiration. Instead of copying their Pro Combat uniforms, as they should have, West Virginia created a new font and added black to their traditional color scheme.

8. Texas Tech John Weast - Getty Images

You'd think that a team known as the Red Raiders would wear uniforms that prominently display said color. That alone drops Texas Tech in my rankings. The Lone Warrior uniforms were a nice gesture, but the Lone Star jerseys were a desperate attempt to upstage their in-state counterparts.

9. Iowa State Bruce Thorson - USA TODAY Sports

Throughout history, Iowa State has had some creative uniforms. However, dropping Cy the Cardinal from the helmets in favor of the current logo and adopting knockoff-USC jerseys (albeit with a different shoulder stripes) was a drastic step backwards.

10. Kansas John Rieger - USA TODAY Sports

Compared to some of the more traditional uniforms in the conference, the Jayhawks have always looked a little cartoonish. The custom font works well on the school's basketball uniforms, but doesn't translate as well onto the gridiron.