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Unpopular Opinions

Unpopular Opinion: A potpourri of spicy takes about Ohio State and Columbus

As we wrap up Unpopular Opinions Week, we drop some hot takes about beloved Ohio State traditions and Columbus establishments.

Unpopular Opinion: The key to Ohio State’s 2021 season are the freshmen

If the Buckeyes want to compete for a national title this season, they must hand the keys over to the young guns.

Buck Off Podcast: Ryan Day gets no respect, Ohio State expectations post-J.T.T. commitment, Unpopular Opinion Week

Ryan Day gets no respect and we defend his honor as well as discussing the recent recruiting with a lot more.

Unpopular Opinion (apparently): Ryan Day is absolutely one of the 20 best college football coaches

Contrary to the unpopular opinion that some may have, even though he is just entering his third year on the job, Ryan Day is one of college football’s best head coaches.

Unpopular Opinion You’re Nuts: Which one of Ohio State’s rivals would you root for if OSU didn’t exist?

Unpopular Opinion: The ‘Big Ten’ Needs to go back to actually being the Big Ten

This conference has become too big, with too many non-competitive teams. I have a plan that can fix this, which of course also helps Ohio State.

Unpopular Opinion You’re Nuts: Which Ohio State Buckeye do you not care for?

Your (almost) daily dose of good-natured, Ohio State banter.

Unpopular Opinion: OSU would not have won the 2015 title with J.T. Barrett at quarterback

Barrett’s 2014 ankle injury against Michigan paved the way for Buckeye victory.

Unpopular Opinion: There’s more for basketball players than just the NBA, it’s okay to play overseas

And if you think it’s an insult, you might want to rethink that.

Unpopular Opinion: If J.T.T. wants to play basketball, you let J.T.T. play basketball

It would be pretty hypocritical if Ryan Day didn’t help make this happen for Tuimoloau.