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Ohio State What If?

‘What If’ the Best Musical Tony nominees were actually Ohio State football players

You’re not going to get this kind of analysis from any of the real reporters on the Ohio State beat.

You’re Nuts: What if Ohio State could bring back any alum for this year’s Michigan game?

Your (almost) daily dose of good-natured, Ohio State banter.

LGHL Asks: Ohio State fans want to change the outcome of one specific game

They also pick which 2022 football player they wish was back on the Buckeyes’ roster this fall.

Buck Off Podcast: Big Ten TV’s deal, Ohio State ‘What Ifs,’ brutally honest recruiting roundup

The guys are back to discuss some major sports stories and their biggest ‘What ifs’ in Ohio State history

‘What If’ Maurice Clarett had played for Ohio State in 2003 & 2004?

Maurice Clarett’s play in 2002 feft Ohio State fans wanting more.

‘What if’ Jim Tressel never resigned?

‘The Vest’ left Ohio State under unfortunate circumstances. But what if things had gone differently, allowing Tressel to exit on his own terms?

‘What If’ Ohio State never hired Urban Meyer

Here’s a look at who the Buckeyes could have hired instead...

‘What If’ Ohio State didn’t lose to Michigan State in 2015?

If the Buckeyes ran Ezekiel Elliott a little more they likely would have made a second straight CFP.

‘What if’ Marvin Harrison Jr. never suffered a concussion in the 2022 Peach Bowl?

Route Man Marv’s injury changed the course of the 2022 college football season. But what if the best WR in the game had been (or remained) available to continue cooking the Georgia secondary?

LGHL Asks: ‘What If’ you could rewrite Ohio State football history?

You ask, we answer. Sometimes we ask, others answer. And then other times, we ask, we answer.

Hangout in the Holy Land Podcast: ‘What ifs’ of the future for Ohio State football

In keeping with LGHL’s weekly theme of What If, Josh and Chuck look into their magical crystal balls and discuss the future.

You’re Nuts: What Ohio State men’s basketball game is the biggest ‘what if’ for you?

Your (almost) daily dose of good-natured, Ohio State banter.

‘What if’ Ohio State never landed this collection of transfer portal players?

Looking back on some recent transfers and the alternate history without them.

You’re Nuts: ‘What If’ this player’s Ohio State career had gone differently?

Taking a look at individual Buckeyes and re-writing the history books.

‘What If’ Chris Olave hadn’t broken off his route against Clemson?

Would Ohio State have been able to take down the LSU juggernaut and win another championship?

‘What If’ Stroud stayed for one more season?

Could this season have been his best?

What if Toledo quarterback Dequan Finn played for Ohio State?

Dequan Finn was honestly quite impressive against Ohio State, so that got me thinking— what if he had the same weapons that C.J. Stroud has?

‘What if’ Ohio State had self-imposed a bowl ban in 2011?

It’s not guaranteed the NCAA would have deemed a self-imposed bowl ban adequate, but it likely would have went a long way.

‘What if’ an elite pass rusher doesn’t emerge for the Buckeyes in 2022?

Under Larry Johnson Ohio State has their fair share of elite pass rushers, but the importance in developing one in 2022 is high.

‘What if’ Joe Burrow hadn’t transferred to LSU?

Would the Buckeyes have won another national championship?

What if: the Big Ten had taken a different track of expansion in 2011?

Things probably wouldn’t have turned out so well.

What If: Ohio State’s receivers can’t top last year’s performers?

With the success the trio of Chris Olave, Garrett Wilson and Jaxon Smith-Njigba experienced last season, it will be difficult — even with the receiver room the Buckeyes have — to top it.

‘What If?’ You’re Nuts: If Ohio State loses to Notre Dame, is Ryan Day on the hot seat?

What if the Buckeyes lose to the Fighting Irish for the first time since 1936?

What If Ted Ginn Jr. hadn’t gotten injured after scoring on the opening kickoff against Florida?

Yesterday’s retirement of the former Buckeye brought back a question when it comes to the 2007 BCS National Championship Game

What if a freshman starts at every position in 2021?

It is incredibly unlikely, but what if we see a total youth movement at Ohio State this season?

What if Carlos Hyde starts in Jacksonville? It’s unlikely, but it would increase his fantasy value

The former Buckeye running back has been underrated as a backfield piece for years, but was productive when last starting games.

What If: Where would the program stand if Justin Fields hadn’t transferred to Ohio State?

Had Justin Fields not decided to come to Columbus, Buckeye fans would likely have seen a lot of Tathan over the last two seasons.

What If? You’re Nuts: What would have happened if Joe Burrow would have beaten out Dwayne Haskins in 2018?

Your (almost) daily dose of good-natured, Ohio State banter.

What If J.K. Dobbins hadn’t dropped two crucial passes in Ohio State’s 2019 loss to Clemson?

Those drops could have led to game-changing touchdowns instead of field goals.

What If? What would have happened to Ohio State had NIL rules had been in place in 2010?

The Buckeyes probably wouldn’t have seen the success we’ve come to know in the last decade.

What If: Could Ohio State have won the national title if they had been eligible in 2012?

Tattoo Gate kept the Buckeyes out of the National Championship conversation, but how much of a threat was Meyer’s first team in Columbus?

What If? How would the coaching and quarterback positions have been different if Jim Tressel never left Ohio State?

If Tressel had remained coach, we would never have had Urban, Day, J.T., Haskins, Fields, etc....